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September 14, 2005


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Old Horsetail Snake

Yeah I feel sorry for both of you -- more for Jamie, of course, all things considered.


Dang, that reminds me, I've got to make an appointment... geez.
Jamie is a sweet lady, and our prayers be with her.


I can sympathize! I had a root canal in January...and it's bugging me now. I need to go back and see what the heck he did wrong. Not looking forward to that.

Best wishes to your friend.

Thanks for the question!

poopie can afford a crown? (send $$ my way ;)

Jamie Dawn

Thanks for your good wishes.
Quiet that tummy down! I hope it went well and your tummy behaved itself.
I was at the doc's and the hospital nearly ALL day and now I'm back at my hotel. My hubby gets here late tonight and I have surgery tomorrow morning.
I'll be back to posting at my site and visiting my internet "pen pals" by Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!


I've been in a meeting room and had my stomach protesting loudly that it had been hours since I had sent anything its direction. It doesn't bode well for one's poker face when the growls from one's midsection gets more attention than the scowls from one's mug.


Thats interesting L, I just cracked a tooth last week and had to get a crown done. I dont know what you paid for your crown, but whatever it was it was worth every penny. My opinion has always been that Dentists are highly skilled professionals who perform difficult tasks under stressful conditions and deserve to be well compensated. Besides, have you priced a Porsche lately??. It also helps that my Dentist's dental assistant is incredibly hot, but thats another story. Anyway, I go back next week to get it finished. I can't wait. Did I mention the dental assitant??


Home for lunch:

STRESS? what stress DrG? uhh ok. Haven't checked the price of Porches lately, but he's a very young, single dentist and drives a silver mercedes convertible. How much are they going for?

The crown was $769, insurance pays 40% of the negotiated amount minus a bunch of bs expenses that they won't cover. I ended up with a bill for $336. not too bad, all things considered. I am paying for his mercedes... opps, skill and dexterity, after all. We went almost 15 years without dental insurance, I used to pay out of pocket for everything. ouch$.

and there must be a better way for you to pick up his assistant by breaking your tooth on purpose... ;)


lol I can relate. My stomach will be incredibly loud during prayer. Fine on my own, but in a group...well!


My hisband was in our dentist's chair at the same time you were; he's now complaining about the cost of a simple cleaning, which has risen to $90+.

My stomach has been growling (hungry or not) since I was 12. My dental hygenist and I have belly noise contests!

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