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September 27, 2005


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Interesting list. Wanna come paint for me, I hate it!


All kidding aside - what a great topic!!

Now, this could be a book/ movie like "Three Faces of Eve" .... My psychic struggle, often unconscious, resulting from the opposition or simultaneous functioning of mutually exclusive impulses, desires, or tendencies.

You're on to something $$$$$ ... I'm hitting you up for an interest free loan along w/ the Idgster. ;)


Mike, Buy my book and i'm good for the loan!

but first I have to write the book...


I need you to come decorate for me. I have such a fear of doing it. I don't feel like I have 'an eye' for it.

Jamie Dawn

Mess bugs me too!
Your painted walls sound pretty to me.
I love your great word "contradictoriness."

What's wrong with a bowl of cereal for dinner? Nothing!


Contradictions? Count me in!!!!

Florida Cracker

We were a rainbow house for a while. I think it's definitely a tropical thing. Now we've gone for lots of wood and warm yellows. We are always painting, sawing, changing. It's fun...most of the time.


You are indeed a walking conundrum, aren't you. lol

I can totally relate to the ten month long season, too. Yeesh...


I'm with you on the shopping girl. I hate it with a passion...whether it's clothes or groceries. I also hate to paint, which is a problem right now cuz my walls are stripped and waiting patiently for it!


We like hoarding money too but when the kids need something or we replace something we never go cheaply we spend for quality. It really saves money in the long run. I see alot of me in your list.

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