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September 24, 2005


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What a sweet gesture. You'll be happy to know that our city, county, state and fed government did NOT let us down! Everyone pulled together and stayed ahead of things. Houston performed the largest ever evacuation in this country's history - 2.5 million approximately.
Take care.

Old Horsetail Snake

$157? When are you bringing out the good stuff?


Nice thing to do, especially in this heat.


I hear you on the hatin' the yard sale thing - makes what you are doing all the more special! You go girl!

Happy weekend! :)


Every gesture, every effort, will be a very large one to somebody who needs it. Well done.


I must be weird, I actually like having garage sales! Hope you did well for Katrina victims.

Florida Cracker

I hope it ended before the Gator game only goes so far.


Thanks everyone, that was our last garage sale EVER.

I said that a few years ago and I'm saying it again. No more. no more. lol

Karen, Very glad to hear you all are ok!

Crackers, yep.. you are absolutely right! LOL


Well done!! You must be pretty exhausted but also feeling very good about the day :)


When I go to the bank for cash, I often ask for a bunch of fives and ones.
That way, when I am at a yard sale around noon (which is as early as I want to be out and about on a Saturday), and the hostess is looking hot and beat, then I pull out a one and say "would you take a dollar for this?"
It seems more polite than to haggle and quibble and then ask for change.
And I never wear my one and only gold bracelet while shopping. It makes for a wrong impression if I do hassle the seller.
I hear ya on the 'last one ever' sale thing. I said the same words about 10 years ago, and I still hold to it. Anything that needs removed from the house either goes to the thrift store or the curb. I get tired of thinking about clutter.


We live on a corner lot and started to put stuff out with a "free" sign on it on Saturday mornings - out by 9 and gone by 12. Only once have we had to dispose of it otherwise. :)


That was great raising funds for Katrina relief! And I hear you about "the last one ever". All our "stuff" goes the the Salvation Army now - and it's a write off.

It a good feeling to know you helped, though - so many will appreciate it.

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