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September 16, 2005


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Old Horsetail Snake

Usually the old "here's what I'm doing/thinking today" post is common as dirt. This was very uncommon, and very good. You're the real deal, Laura.


good thoughts well said. I often have the same thoughts about another storm hitting here. we were so lucky last year when those two hit us two weeks apart. The weather man said there is a tropical wave out in the Atlantic which should be here this weekend. I dread the idea that that storm has time to build up. I love our house, our neighbors, our town, but sometimes I wish we could move somewhere where hurricanes are something that happens elsewhere.


Wow. Perfect. What a writer you are.

Last night at the benefit I hosted way up here in Canada for victims of Katrina, there were five women in the audience who live in some of the hardest hit places in Mississippi. I invited one of the omwne to the stage to speak.

She said "We always say "Stuff is just stuff, and what's important is people," and that's true. But every piece of stuff we own is a part of our experience - we picked it out, chose it over other things we could have bought, we made it or painted it or watched our children play on it or sat with our whole family around it and laughed and cried and shared moments that we'll never get back. To have all that disappear, suddenly ... to literally blow away or float away ... is devastating. It's just my stuff, but a part of me washed away with every splinter of it."

We take stuff for granted, and we shouldn't value it more than people. But we also shouldn't think for one moment that a cheque from an insurance company or the government or anybody else will ever come close to making things right.

That's easy to forget. Thanks for reminding us.


You brought life to the mundane. Excellent post. I thought I was looking through your window...good thing you were wearing a robe.


Great post Laura. Your thoughts and insights are wonderful...
What if's... they hurt. My 'friend' I posted about just stopped to get gas; and found out that her soon to be ex husband emptied out their joint checking and savings last night, and froze everything else...
My father used to say, we are all just three paychecks away from being destitute...


Hoss was here bright and early- and absolutely correct. This is a beautifully written post, Laura. Those of us who live such charmed lives that we can focus on the mundane need to try to be more mindful of those who don't. For any number of reasons.


You have managed to sum up what I have been feeling, a kind of survivor's remorse (not exactly, since I wasn't there, but in a way it's what it feels like), and put into tangible words.

Yes, we go about our daily lives, but things have changed now. 9/11, the tsunami, 7/7 in Britain, Katrina... look at the disasters this young generation has already seen in their few years of life.

Florida Cracker

Garden of weeden?LOL. Got one of those. Great post, very comfortable and yet with an edge. I give it an A.


Very nice Laura. It made me feel better about being where I am this evening.


I feel survivor's guilt also, for my warm comfy bed, and my dogs at my side (and under my feet), and just the ordinary-ness of my routine life. The Katrina survivors can't claim one of those things and their lives will never be the same as they were before.


Hoss, Thank you. That brought a smile to my face. :)

I'm glad you all enjoyed this piece. It was running through my mind all morning and I just had to type it up.
I think there's a lot to be said for empathy, especially in this day and age. :)


Aside from my family pictures and my toolbelt, which I'd take with me, I really wouldn't care. Honest injun. I could use some new stuff because all of mine is crap.
Gosh, I hate this time of year. I have had ENOUGH of summer and cannot take any more 92 degree BS, but of course I will because it's gonna last at least two more weeks, possibly four, like it does every year.
Hey! In the last three weeks I've seen a flamingo, a falcon, and a hummingbird!


Hey Pedro, I haven't seen a flamingo in years.
About two weeks ago I saw a hummingbird in the back yard, the first one ever in NINE years.

Falcons, that's amazing. Maybe you better make sure nobody is stalking you, he could be up to no good :)

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