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September 06, 2005


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Jamie Dawn

Hey, you repeated that last part twice.
I'm sure many evacuees were heartbroken about leaving their pets behind.
It is just amazing to me that sooo many people are helping in sooo many ways. God bless all our efforts as we work together.


opps, thanks Jamie. fixed the double paragraph!

I know some people think it's pointless to rescue these animals, but I personally think that reuniting the pets with their owners will go a long way toward mental stability and peace of mind. Where they have lost their homes, families or jobs, it is often great solace to be reuntied with their family pets.

As for the rest of the rescue efforts in place right now.. I'm damn proud to be American, watching all of the people come forward to help.
In fact, with other countries pitching in to help, it just shows that despite our differences, we all have a streak of humanity running through us.
God help us all. :)


Our shelters around here and coming to evacuee camps and picking up animals, keeping them safe until the owners have a residence again.

The shots I see of those dogs tied to freeway ramps and abandonded on top of flooded roofs is just killing me.

I haven't seen too many cat shots - those suckers go into hiding.

Rhia Tavarez

I live in the tampa bay area and I'm looking to adopt a pet from the hurricane but I can't find any info. on that down here and close to where I live. Can anyone help please?


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