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September 22, 2005


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Jamie Dawn

He looks very wicked!


What a croc...(odile). Is that photo from Australia?


Crackers, it's from Africa.. the Republic of Congo. I think ours could get just as big if we feed them a steady diet of non natives. (g)


Go Gators!


I would freak out if I saw one. We used to live in Florida and I was always afraid of the big drains that ran through property for flood rain. I was just sure a gator would float on out one day and eat the dog. (I figurered I was quicker than the stupid dog who would stop and bark at it.)


When Ivan hit Gulf Sgores, they had a 12 foot gator from the zoo that took a while to find and corral. It was only a matter of time.. hard for something that big to hide for too long.


Creepy! He looks mad too!


Jeff and Idgie, you nailed it on the head. These things lurk in almost all of our waterways and storm drains. Many FSU fans, snowbirds and miscreant children have disappeared inside of those things, never to be found again. Florida Gators tend to be very well fed. Go Gators!!!!

FTS, yep.. I bet he's back in the storm drain too. they ran outta chickens to feed it at the gator farm so they just let 'em loose. Bush should never have cut the funding for our "chicken research" facility.

InterLass, he's cute too, isnt he?


A relative of mine was nearly killed by a croc in Australia. He's a marine biologist and was diving...that one in your pic is HUGE.

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