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September 19, 2005


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Old Horsetail Snake

Very punny pictures, Laura.

(Lowe's has nothing on me. I published my annual Christmas letter -- which anyone can use -- in July!)


I'm with you on the holiday thing and the spice expiration dates! Even my teen child hates how all the holidays are pushed on us! Still grinning over the veggies!


I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet .. still a few more items to get, mostly stocking stuffers and whatnot. I mean, really ... finished shopping before October? Never. But by Hallowe'en, if I ain't got it, you ain't gettin' it.


I love the pics, I have not bought even one present yet, and I definitely agree about the Christmas decor. I once said I'd never buy from a store that put up holiday stuff before Halloween, but it is impossible to keep that pledge, as now they all do.


Yes, we saw light up Santas in one of the stores. What disturbs me is that retail floor space is still expensive, and they wouldn't put em out there - if people weren't buying em. Personally, I get the most personal gratitude by shopping just a few days (if not hours) prior ... that said ... is that mistletoe over your head?


Thanks, Laura, I appreciate the assumption that I'll be up for 200 more!

The Lumpy

Cute pictures. They gave me a chuckle. I'm all for legislation requireing stores to wait till November to put up Christmas decorations. And I have bought my first Christmas present but perhaps you'll forgive me since it is the only Christmas present that I have purchased thus far.

The Lumpy

Jamie Dawn

Those veggies are sooo cute and funny. What a riot!
The Christmas thing is ridiculous. Let us enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving for crying out loud!


The veggies are really funny.

You have hit a raw nerve with me. I am in complete agreement...No Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving!


Yams to a slaughter.. hehe.


Cute veggies!!

It's ashame about the Christmas decorations. Does anyone remember what the season is about? Kachink, kachink $$$. What if all that dough was channeled to the 40,000 children who starved to death every day or ...


"Like yams to the slaughter" ROFL

I've bean meaning to tell you how I relish coming here every day.

So... if I get married again, I guess we have to have a church wedding if we cantelope. Lettuce pray.

Oh, I'm getting myself in a pickle! Better mind my peas and q's!

Turnip the jam!

(Orange you going to comment?)


Good grief - I expet we will be seeing Christmas deorations here any time...I like to get most of my shopping done by the end of November, but that is school summer holiday season here so it makes it difficult.

The age of one's spices in the spice rack could make a good meme Laura ;-) Some of mine are about 5 years old!

PS Love your post FTS.


oh peas Fts, lettuce get help for you before you go bananas...LOL

I actually googled "vegetable talk and vegetable vocabulary to look for more examples.

I think I need help.

I'll try a farm site next. hmmmm

Laurie, are you reading this? :) :)


There was a Christmas tree in the corner at the bank when I stopped in today. The lady behind the counter said it is to advertise the new savings account.
Begin saving money NOW! said the hand-lettered sign.

Skin you alive. I'll click away grinning.....


I'm so with you about Christmas, and the dust on the spice bottles. :) I really hate that the true meaning of Christmas gets lost in all the commercialism.

Cute veggie pictures!


I used to Christmas shop early. Mainly because the internet wasn't at top notch yet and everything was at the mall which made it horrid after Turkey Day. I used to tell people if they didn't have a gift by Thanksgiving, it was whatever Walmart had they were getting.

But now, thanks to the joys of the internet and free shipping over a certain amount..... I too shop during the season and not ridiculously early.

I do love my internet.

But Walgreens is putting out wreaths already, somebody talk to them too!

Oh, your veggie cartoons are too cute.


HA HA! This is very cute! Love the veggies!

I am the anti-Martha. I do things last minute, and never hand-made. Except one year when I tried to 'make' our Christmas Cards. I cut out shapes from some of our ornaments, and then I tried to get my kids to decorate the shapes. Color them in and all that. They got bored very quickly. I spent all night finishing them. I vowed to never try to be cutesy again. I put up my tree about a week or two before Christmas, if that soon. I don't do any of my shopping until the last 5 days before Christmas. I don't do 'after-Christmas' sales. The people drive me crazy.

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