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September 22, 2005


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Old Horsetail Snake

You're very thoughtful, Sea Lady.

Jamie Dawn

The angry hurricanes seem to be female lately: Katrina & Rita.
These ladies aren't being very lady-like.
I agree that we have to face these terrible storms and their aftermaths, and work to help those who need it.
I guess for some, they need to have a bulldozer in their emergency supplies. Very sad indeed.


Makes ya wonder what a five degree swing would bring.. oh, yeah... glaciers receding, and all that stuff. Them polar bears is got to live somewhere.. wonder how polar bears like 'gator?


they're all on PMS, Jamie ;)


I've heard Polar Bears can be real nasty. Especially the one on "Lost". whoa.


I remember when ALL hurricanes were ladies.

...and your post is right on!


You are so right; we all need to foster self-reliance, just as we need to find and use alternative sources of energy!


Speaking of Lost, was that not a shocker?

Excellent thoughts, my friend. :)


Laura, you are so right - self, family, local, state and lastly federal resources. I'm so proud of Texas ... there have been bumps and every issue has been addressed and responded to as soon as possible. Surprise, it's not the perfect/risk free world that some are entitled to.

.... self, family, local, state and lastly federal resources. Kenju was right we need a new breed of the self-reliant.

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