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September 23, 2005


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What you need is an outside cat... say, like a puma...


That's an awfully large bird there! Eating all your fish eh?

Stick a little barky dog out there.


Looks a bit like a velociraptor.



he is a purty birdie. why not put a net or something down to cover the pond, save the fish and still be able to enjoy the beauty of the birds.


Naughty birdie! It's amazing how smart animals can actually be.


Okay birdwoman ;) Pull out the BB gun.


you all are so in tune with my thought process. :))))
If I find the velcroraptor with a fish in his beak, I'll....
do something.

Ever get up close to one of these things? they have a way of staring at you without emotion, and that massive beak of theirs seems to grow longer when they fixate on you as a target.
I've been known to back off slowly.

Jamie Dawn

That is great! What a cool sight to see. We lived on a ranch in CA up until a year ago. It had a pond on it. We'd often see Egrets, I think that's how it's spelled. When they flew, it was like Pteradactyls (spelling?). Very cool!

Old Horsetail Snake

You think it's unnatural or something for Herons to eat fish? Geez, give 'em a break. Go buy some more fish. They don't care if you get the cheap ones, either....


I'll bet Hoss is right; they won't mind if you have cheap goldfish, although they might appreciate a gourmet treat now and then....LOL. That is a good photo to have been shot through a screen.

Florida Cracker

So, where's that clever dog? Doesn't he know his role is protector of the fish?


You are lucky to have these birds in your back yard - I would love that!


With a beak like that, it wouldn't take long to get his point...


I have entrusted you with our herons, because you did such a good job keeping them fat and healthy last winter. Don't disappoint me.

If you do a good job, this winter I promise to arrange to have a bunch of senior citizens drop in for a few months. We'd keep 'em here, but they drive too slow ...

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