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September 26, 2005


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I'm one o' them damn Yankees... we only get tornadoes and blizzards...

Old Horsetail Snake

All these storms raise an interesting question: Did people learn how to body surf from sea snakes?


Steel, is that all? :))

Hoss, not locally. All the sea snakes here are dead from Red Tide. (really!) you can see them floating on the water, hundreds of them. It's sad.

and smelly.

Over on the OTHER side of the gulf, however... I don't know. I heard they have big gators swimming in the streets.. probably wouldn't be as safe. ;)


Gators?? and here I thought it's only us who have them in out back yards ;)


We get tornadoes and bad thunderstorms. Springtime in Texas always makes me nervous.

Jamie Dawn

That last one really sums it all up. Might as well keep those windows boarded up from August to November. What a year!!


Jamie, there are actually people here who do just that, LOL. my sister in law keeps the back windows of her house boarded up till the season is over with. It's a lot of work to take them on and off again!


Dallas is part of the infamous Tornado Alley, but in comparison a twister is a sprint while a hurricane is a marathon.

I loved the "put the shutters up... take the shutters down..." LOL


Love the first true about politial hindsight.

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