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September 20, 2005


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Sure.. well, cowboy hats, at the very least ;)


LOL - LOVE that photo of the man on the beach!!

I hate hats - just over my face with sunscreen. I can't get my kids to wear hats either - must run in the family!


I hate hats, but would use one during nude bathing to cover the necessary parts. Not that anyone would be very interested in my 75 year old parts. And since I never sun bathe nude or otherwise it is a moot point.
One thing I have finally learned, and wish to point out to my children, being stressed out ain't worth it. Remember this "What's done is done" learn from it, move on (hope this works).

Jamie Dawn

I like the Sombrero idea. I love Mexican food and taking Siestas. I'm on board with this! Pass the Beano.


"Hmmmm, this could be a problem. One answer to skin cancer then, is that developers in crowded cities will need to build sidewalks with covered archways and install trees in giant planters to release oxygen and help the ozone layer filter itself of all that awful flatulence caused by the refried beans."

Think Logan's Run!

I really like the Sombrero idea.


How about we just invade Mexico? That'd also cure the problem of illegal border crossings ;)


No need to tell you where I stand on the sombrero issue.


No offense, but when I was in Perdido I sampled the Mexican cuisine. Perhaps my Texan palate is spoiled to our fine Tex-Mex fare here, but that stuff was, well... ugh.

The seafood, on the other hand, was outstanding. I had grouper three different times, and it was beyond comparison.

Sombrero Theory... oh man, the mind boggles... LOL

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