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October 26, 2005


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Let the first snow flurry sweep through and the shelves empty out like there will be no food available for months. Not a piece of bread or swig of milk to be found around these parts.


Jesse Lee Peterson wrote a great commentary, in September, about this type of moral poverty - versus acting responsibly. Fortunately, overall Florida has an established culture of preparedness as does Texas.

These storms are nothing new ( except to an uninformed hysterical media ) and these weather patterns are expected to continue as part of a cycle over the next 35 years - see


I agree. Personal responsibility seems to be a thing of the past. I heard on NPR today them complaining about the slow response to the people feeling the effects of Wilma! SLOW RESPONSE! It moved through a day ago! Pitiful.


It's all about the freebies. How these people get out of bed in the morning and get dressed is beyond my comprehension. Even though I live in NorthEast Texas, I'm still going to put together 3-day packs for me and my kids. Just in case something happens. Tornado is about the worst that could hit here, at least I hope.


If there was no lines the media wouldn't have had a place to find people to blame the storm and the delay for help on Bush.

It is all manufactured discontent.

Jamie Dawn

The NEXT day? I'm with you on this one, Laura. Good grief!


Lass? We live in north CENTRAL Texas. LOL


FTS, i'm going to need a map of Texas...
are you all close to Dallas?


We're in Dallas, just north in the 'burbs. ;-)

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