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October 06, 2005


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"What's that thing you have to do when you get old?"

Forget stuff. Also known as senility. But I wouldn't know anything about that...

What were we talking about?


What we do when we get old? Some of us play in buckets of vanity, spill it and wonder "where did that come from?"

Perhaps they like the light on when they spawn??? ;)


ROFL Seamus, they're exhibitionists. ;)

FTS, I have the same problem and I'm still mentally in my 30's. ;)


I always thought Reba dressed well off stage. I have seen her line. It is nice.


Yeah, Reba was here over the summer launching her line of clothing at a couple of our Dillard stores. Who knew. She does look fab, tho. Her show is kinda cute, too.

old horsetail snake

I always loved Reba, too. Especially her hands. Look at those little hands. Makes me want to fall in line to be one of her protectors. I don't care what she wears. She could wear nothing, as far as I am concerned. (Hoo boy.)


Hmmm. Why do fish need light? Maybe to help with their metabolism or something? Those tanks have special lights don't they?

I'd rather buy classy Reba-wear than trashy J-Lo crap.

Florida Cracker

I've had a zillion fish and aquariums and I never put a light over the tank. Please don't turn me in to the Humane Society.

PS: It could be for the plants...but not the plastic kind.

PPS: If she got some of those new genetically improved glow in the dark fish...(not kidding)..then she would not need to turn on the lights!

Yes Reba is cute and yes J-Lo is no account trash.
Was that a rant too?


Laura- it's hot down here! Enjoying St. Pete with Abby despite the heat. Three years ago Abby gave me a completely enclosed ecosystem that included some little shrimp and algae and it thrives on 7 hours of artificial light/day- no more, no less. In three years, absolutely nothing in that solid glass ball with no opening has changed-they eat whatever is manufactured by photosynthesis off the algae. It's fascinating the way it just goes on and on, a closed system.
Now about your mayor and that art museum on the Bay- what's the hold-up?

Jamie Dawn

Diet Coke or Pizza Hut breadsticks?
How about both! That's what I would have done anyway.


Jamie, I'm trying to get 6pounds off. I had a bite of the breadsticks tho!

Vicky, It's hot here? hmm, that's a new one. ;)) j/k
It's supposed to be fall, however.
Or so they say.
About the art museum, it's typical St. Pete red tape. If they get it built before Abby graduates, we'll count our blessings! Hope you're enjoying your visit with Abby:)

Crackers, they're plastic plants, unfortuantely. We have a mix of Mollies and Angel fish. they eat everything in sight! I've got real plants in the pond tho, so i'm not entirely a disgrace to the enviroment. ;)
and no, that wasn't a rant. i'm still thinking of one...

Interstellular, Angie and Karen, I haven't seen her clothing line up close yet, sounds like it's time to change that!

Hoss.. you and your Reba fetish :) Hoo boy...


When Reba was growing up, she wanted to look like you. That is all.


Oaky, my fish comes to the top of the tank for food when the light goes on and I've had to tell the kids to stop turning it on all day 'cause the fish is getting confused!

Reba's clothes are nice - I can't afford Dillard's but did sign up to win $500 of her stuff. Since I don't have any, I'm assuming I didn't win.

Reba's looks - hmnn... she's just so nice I don't even look anymore.

I miss her hair though. You know, the BIG hair.


The fish need heat, not light. Light is just an inexpensive way to provide heat!

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