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October 26, 2005


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HIP HIP HOORAY! For cooler weather!


You described exactly why I am a Pirate.

old horsetail snake

Aw, you're so cute: "...I'm off to be ambiguous." What a great line....


I turned on the freakin' HEAT over the weekend. We weren't having heat like you were, but sheesh, from the 70's to the 30's is a bit much...

Jamie Dawn

That bettery operated TV is a great idea. 60's is a bit too cool for my liking. I'll take a nice day in the low 80's year round.


Abby agrees with you- on both the weather and the 3 day rule- and she's barely a newcomer. I, on the other hand, am returning from paradise to a 40 degree temperature drop and flannel sheets. But flannel sheets are a real joy and so are the fall colors. This IS a great time to live in Michigan.

This whole hurricane thing is out of balance. Mother Nature's been harsh this year, the media shows no sense or sensitivity, people are not doing an altogether good job of taking care of themselves and the government is running extremes between waste and neglect when it comes to aid. But say! The season ends in another few days! :-)


I guess when I'm back, I'm back. Sorry about that- can you wipe out a few of those? My computer must be sulking...


:) Me too.


alright, it's fixed. the same thing happened to Jamie last week. I'm starting to wonder if it's a typepad problem or a problem with my website.
anyway, welcome back Vicky! Enjoy those 40' days and nights!

Steel, that's why I'd never be able to live up north. My blood is too thin for that kinda thing, lol


I was going to update earlier with pictures, but my computer keeps shutting down halfway through the upload process. having a rough time with it right now.


We had a Texas blue norther roar through this week. What's a blue norther, you ask? Temps in the 60's and overnight lows in the 40's. In October.


Ah, but it's already creeping back inot the 70's... could see 80 again. Grrrr...

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