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October 27, 2005


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I have dreams about eating all the time. They're the best.

I love cooking supper ("dinner" is another word for "lunch" where I come from). I love the shopping and I love the cutting up and preparing and the cooking and the experimenting with spices and recipes and all that goes into it. I don't allow anyone else in the kitchen except to make me a drink when I need one.

And what do I love best about cooking supper? I love that nobody in my house would EVER have the courage to suggest I do the dishes after I've made supper.


I've been sick of cooking for a long time. It got boring as heck. Once in while I get in the mood to cook. I like to make dishes that will have left overs. just heat and eat. I am lucky my husband is not picky.

I guess this is how our husbands feel about going to work everyday week after week. Got to admire that they do it.


I am sorry to hear you hate it so much. Me, on the other hand, I love cooking -and eating. Cooking for me is a sensual experience with scents and textures. I hate shopping for groceries. I need a personal shopper.

Jamie Dawn

Love this post, Laura.
I actually enjoy cooking dinner. I have tried a few of Paula Deen's dessert recipes.... all yummy!! I wish the groceries I needed would just magically appear in my frig each day, as needed. How cool that would be!
If I'm ever in Florida, get to the store, because I'm coming to your place for dinner!


I don't like going to the store either. And I don't like cooking dinner either. And I hate cleaning up even more. That's why restaurants are so great.


I'll make you deal...I'll cook for you, then you come and bake for me :) The only baking I do is when it comes out of a box and has no more than 3 instructions, lol


The secret to enjoying cooking, is being able to do it when you WANT to instead of when you HAVE to. These days, I cook what I want when I want it and I've never been happier with the whole experience ;)


HEY im 74 pounds... NOT 55 pounds!!!! AND i dont ONLY live off of spagetti and subway... theres also pizza..chick-fil-a..and CANDY:) cant forget those!:)



CEREAL IS NOT FOR DINNER? Oh, you just wait till I call my Mother and tell her Laura said that mom is a big, fat liar! Sunday was 'inside out day', because we got breakfast, then Sunday Supper, then breakfast again! Two cereals! Hey, I got ripped of a gazillion dinners!
Oh.. hey, since my toes are slowly disappearing and Zach keeps shrinking my jeans, maybe missing some of those dinners wasn't that bad.


And here I thought Cap'n Crunch was a great evening meal.

I don't cook. I'm doing my part to ensure the nation's economy stays intact by keeping Dallas restaurants' cash flow in the black.


Soooooo, that's why there's always room for Jell-O!


That's it. Nils, you can move in instead of Paula Dean. I don't like doing dishes either, however. But we'll get Sam and Britt to do it. (g) As for dreams about eating, I never get those, *sigh*

Mom, they don't go to work for the admiration, that's for sure.

Angie, I just read your post today and you are just making me look sooooo bad! LOL I'm sending my family to live with you so they'll be well fed!

Jamie, I don't mind cooking dinner that much IF i'm in the mood. Lately I haven't been in the mood. I have dinner-induced depression. :) If you come to florida, we are definetly having dinner!

Interstellar, (nod, nod) I am in full agreement!

Stairs... you've got a deal. I can bake up a storm with my eyes closed. We'll have all the makings of a real good meal that way!

Poopie, I am so jealous of you, will you stop that. First the farm, the pecan trees, the horses and now being able to cook when you WANT to. ahhh, those days are coming. I will soon be just like you.

Brittany, you need to eat some fruit. and something green. how are going to GROW!?!

Steel, see? that's what I keep telling hub. Cereal IS one of the 2 decent daily meals. I'm just not that hungry around diner time. hub had chili. kids had spaghetti. Don't tell your Mom, unless she wants to do the cooking too.

FTS, i've grown tired of Capn Crunch, actually. I'm totally into Corn Pops lately.

Mike... Mike...I just can't get into jello. yechhh! Jello pudding cups are great tho!
now jello shots, those aren't too bad!


lol - "now jello shots, those aren't too bad!" Who wants to eat anyway? Jell-O shots and vitamins diet .... there's the ticket!


Mike, I once went to a "party lite" candle party, where jello shots were served. What a way to get everyone to loosen up and BUY!


I like to cook and to eat - just not at the same time. It's a cyclic thing for me. :)

Florida Cracker

My high school sweetheart came from a huge family of ten. It was understood that every Friday night supper was cereal and you fixed it yourself.

I'm catching up on your previous posts.

Ditto on the delicious cool weather.

Ditto on the hurricane wienies who didn't prepare...move to Idaho!

Cool map idea.


There, that about does it.

See ya!


LOL Crackers... you HAVE been busy! Hope the demoliton is going ok. :)

Seamus, yeah um.. there's a time and place and a way for everything.


I used to really be into cooking and plan a nice meal all the time. Now that I have three kids it's a big pain in the butt. One won't eat one thing, the other something else. So I either parsel it out in portions, make something else for them or just give up and make macaroni and cheese for everyone.

It's taken the fun out of putting a cool presentation of dinner on the table. Not fancy stuff, just a really nice pot roast, or stroghenauff (sp?), meatloaf, etc.

I'm heading over to hamburger helper soon!


Idgie, I have the same problem. My youngest only likes certain foods, the oldest won't touch other types of foods, and if I were really insane, i'd make 3 types of dinner all at once, just to please them all. But I don't, and I won't! On the other hand, it's maddening to hear..."when is dinner??!" only to find out once I cook dinner that they don't like chicken cooked that way or they don't like meatloaf, they can't stand chili, etc etc. My hub will eat anything. whew. As for the girls, I make 'em eat it anyway. still, it drives me bananas!

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