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October 29, 2005


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I think the gents would like some, um, support on that Sneaker Streaker too. Not being an athlete, though, I'm only speculating.

Nothing special for us on Halloween except handing out candy to the little ones who come to our door tomorrow night. Hard to believe it is almost November!


Kinda a disappointment - from the title, it seemed you were posting random things while nude ... which, you'd probably want a sports bra, just so you wouldn't keep accidentally hitting the space bar ...


I'd love to get the condos off the beach too, but it will not work. the taxpayers would have to shell out millions to rebuild in the form of the flood insurance program or whatever means the rich can soak us.
We need a law that destroyed homes or condos or trailers on the beach or other waterfronts can not be replaced.
Condo associations here in So. Fl. are planning to sue the State and Counties to force the sand be replaced in front of their buildings because the missing sand is damaging their foundations. I fail to see why that is the responsiblity of the tax payers. We have been replacing that sand every year at the cost of millions of dollars. Then along comes another storm and washes it all away again. foolish to have allowed the building there in the first place. Those beaches survived thousands of years before being damaged by all those buildings.


The Gulf without condos?? Wow..that's a nice dream.

Florida Cracker

"they look alot better as beer cans"...J.Buffet

HE knows how to describe a mobile home.

Not only would they rebuild after our "perfect storm", they would do it with federal flood insurance courtesy of the taxpayers.

Pablo's space bar comment...LOL! He's incorrigible.

Gators pulled it off! Wife is happy, happy!

Jamie Dawn

I avoid touching handrails and door knobs. I HATE germs!

Nude Halloween is scary. No masks needed, just the unclothed bodies alone would be frightening. Cover those things up!!

We lived on our ranch for 15 years in a double wide mobile home. I am not a fan of them either! I often had hopeful visions of being able to blow it up.

I mentioned you in my blog this weekend. I felt it was the right thing to do to warn people about your scary side.

old horsetail snake

I thought for a minute I got transported into a Carl Hiiasen book...


Snakes are fine; spiders- I am not a fan of those! I'm still trying to get used to all of the spiders, condos and mobile homes in Florida- way too many of all three.
We have a nude run each year on campus and even with a mainly young adult crowd, it's not very attractive- too much wobbling and bouncing.


I cannot imagine a nude run; all those wiggly bits hopping up and down....eeeewwwww! I never run - but I sure wouldn't try it without the proper bra. Don't want my bits hanging to my knees later on in life!


Oh, the visuals...


LOL! Y'all crack me up. I'm heading over to see what Ms Jamie D mentioned on her site. hmmm, ill be back!
btw, *I* lived in a mobile home for almost 2 years! We bought 5 acres of land and had planned to build a house on it. Changed our plans and sold the place instead. Turned out the land was on the border of a hunting range!

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