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October 28, 2005


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I've seen this on a lot of sites lately. OK, I'll go over .... I'll list myself as Earl from Mississippi .... I'm still doing a google search for a picture.;0)


HA Mike... lol... geez, a Texan without a big ego! who knew? j/k ;)


I added mine, but it plops you in a generic location by your zip code. I don't live where it stuck my flag. lol


You have to minimize that map quite a lot to find me!!


Yep, move FTS to the kitty-corner right quadrant...

old horsetail snake

Hot damn! Firsties in the Far West.


Interstellar, would that be the corner where the soon to be ex-Texans go? :))

Hi Phoenix!!

Hoss is always first for something..

Stairs, wayyy over in Africa, you're one of a kind!


I added me. :-)


How cool is this! I'm right smack in the middle...


I'm in Oregon. I thought I got most of my comments from Ohio.

Jamie Dawn

We made a move back in late July. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I will some time. Until then, we were in the Modesto, CA area. There's a lot to blog about concerning our move, but I'll wait awhile before I blog about it.

The Assimilated Negro

if you had a map of the universe, NYC would be the only human location to show up.




Hi! I tried to add myself to your map, but can't! Maybe 'cause I'm in Australia... it tells me my city is "invalid"!!!


Opps, silly me! I'm on the map now!


It's really cool to see the names showing up on the map. I've got to find the password so I can get in there and add stuff to the configurations. I lost the stupid password again.

and hiya Karen from Australia! welcome! Come on back anytime.

TAN, NYC? HUMAN? you're delusional, just delusional.

hmm, Jamie's being secretive. we must keep reading her blog to find out the true story.

Pedro, uh,yawp to you too. yup, yup.

Pirate, hope you're feeling better!

Angie, I didnt know you were a Ga. Girl. Thought you were from Michigan for some reason.

Poppie: :))

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