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October 07, 2005


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Aaahahahhahaha! Priceless.


I am going to have to steal that Laura!


he is thinking "how can Halliburton and my buddies profit from this"

old horsetail snake

"Karl? Karl? Get in here. Somebody has been fooling around with my phone! Karl???"


HA HA HA! Too true! Thank goodness he doesn't have a computer...


Bless his idiot little heart. And bless YOU for giving me the laugh!

Florida Cracker

Too funny!


And what about the LA guvnah and NO mayah...


Aw geez, even I can see that's photoshopped. There are suspicious blurs and shadows around his collar and tie that give the game away. Plus, who keeps a phone under their desk?

Jamie Dawn

VERY funny!

Aaron Bhatnagar

Isn't in interesting that there is another post on this blog called "I have no shame".

Jamie Dawn

That left shoulder of his looks like it has been hacked with an axe, and is that a pic of his good buddy Blair behind him?
Maybe they are MORE than friends.... gossip....

Rob Good (PUNTIKI)

HMMM, you'd like to think George is so stupid. I am sure if Kery won then there would be a nice photoshop shot of him too.


Sheesh. I mean, that's so obviously photoshopped. I mean, really ... as if they'd trust him to work a REAL phone ...

The phone they give him to play with has pictures of barnyard animals, and when you dial "COW" it rings "Mooooo". Except he's always surprised. "Not quack? Damn."


That's a great photo! Good for you.


The photoshop picture, perspective and commentary are very telling.


LOL! I figured most of my regulars would take the photo for what it was, a photoshop special that even showed up on the Snopes website. I thought the photo was rather fitting, however. and dead on with his intelligence level. So it stays.

Interesting, those who take it personally. ;)


Nils, LMAO!!!


I'm not surprised people take it personally. When they vote for someone who turns out to be a lil ... umm ... (whispers) d*mb, they get sensitive about having it pointed out, like you're saying THEY'RE d*mb.

And you'd never say that.

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