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November 05, 2005


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Florida Cracker

I will try and do better in Publix. I am guilty of random placing of items I changed my mind about...sorry kid. I am trainable though.

Gators won!


Very good advice for all of us ;)


good advice. I see why the cashiers in Publix like me. You really should send this in to "letters to the editor" Since you are such a nice and polite,thoughtful person I don't think you should have problems. Tell nasty customers you will sic your grandparents on

old horsetail snake

Please don't turn the corner on the page of a magazine you browsed at the checkstand, only to decide not to buy it.

Mike (ex scientia)

This was an important post. I'm always struck by the shallow and abusive treatment cashiers recieve. My routine is to always smile and ask the cashier how their day is going. It's a "pay it forward" thing. I've had some great conversations and enjoyed beautiful smiles as a result!

Nice job!!


I try to smile and speak pleasantly, even when I don't feel like it, as I know cashiering sucks. Those doing basic service jobs need the most support!

Jamie Dawn

I read and I obey.
I've seen people be so rude to cashiers. I promise I will try and balance that out by being SUPER nice.


Great advice. :)

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