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November 06, 2005


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Omelets... yum. Must be SMOTHERED in cheddar, chili, jalapenos, and salso. Tabsco works in a pinch.

Now I'm hungry...


Yeah .. you wanna be careful in assuming the men were after you. Maybe it was all the fixin's ... (g)


I like the way the omelet thing was set up - sounds perfect. You may get a good reputation as a cook and will be on everyone's list to help with that. Sort of a "be careful what you wish for" karma.


excellent way to do the omelettes.... you do realise that seeing that you did such a good job of this you will be asked - actually no - it will just be taken for granted that you will be there next time ;)


Yep, about the oil from Canada. My hubby has been to Edmonton area on a semi regular basis for a while now. Lots of stuff going on up there. He is always offered a job by the clients up there when he goes.


Sounds like you had a good time, and no EMT's had to be called? :)


not a single EMT that I know of, Steel. LOL!

Karen, Edmonton is way out west if I recall. Long ways from Texas, that's for sure.

Stairs, LOL.. that just might happen. I had a good time tho, and there were 6 other women there, we all had a good time together.

Kenju, yes, I was surprised at how smoothly the line went. I'd never heard of an omelet fundraiser either, so found the whole process very cool.

FTS, without the jalapenos.. uh sure! LOL

and to the always cynical Nils.. some things, a woman just knows. ;P~


Oh you must not have read the church handbook. LOL New and female ALWAYS means you will get asked to cook over and over again. If you do it even halfway well you will continue to get asked because 'you do it so well'.


I hope no one from the church reads that blog!
Maybe I will move there and join the church so I can get some pina colada muffins.
Hey NIls, forty + women do get hit on. I did. We just have to treat it like a flattering joke and pretend to be flattered (actually it is sort of flattering) My neighbor (back then) tried it. His wife worked so he was home all day alone. No, he did not succeed and I did not tell my husband.
I think I will go make an omelet! no chili or jalapenos or salso in it.

old horsetail snake

Just think how often they would let you cook if you became a member. Better look into how to avoid that.

Jamie Dawn

Those lecherous Lutherans have quite a system!


Picked up... AT the church? Good gravy!

Joe Cool Cowboy poet

WOW. What an amazing cooking machine you are. And all of this after complaining about having to cook. I may have to start complaining about all the money I have in my pockets. LOL.

Now about that getting hit on in church? Ummm, is that a lutheran thingy or what? Because it ain't never worked in our little church. LOL
keep smiling, love and hugs.


Hoss, you make these oh, so subtle good points! LOL

Mom, I don't care if they read the blog, got nothing to hide here!

Maine, uh yeah.. it wasnt bu.... uh, never mind ;)

Jamie, seems like it! I had a good time with everyone tho. nice crowd there!

Joe, I don't know, maybe they were sleeping during the sermon or something. ? lol


Hah, I know just what you mean about having to cook dinner every night. Not that I don't love being able to eat a good meal at home and be cozy. It's just that after a long day at work, then a stop at the grocery store or gas station after that, when I get home and have to make something when there aren't any leftovers left--well, you know. Besides, if I left it up to my husband, we'd have soup and salad, and that's not enough. I want a meal I can sink my teeth into, because by then I'm ravenous!


Whoever thought up that omelette system is pretty smart! I've never gotten hit on in church...and I'm SINGLE. However, I have dreamed about margaritas during the service ;)

Florida Cracker

Is this a church or a restaurant?

Dogs only work when we are not looking.

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