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November 27, 2005


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Phew! Alive in the public library computing center is better than dead, if only barely. Glad to hear from you! And so sorry about your computer- what a drag. I think I'll go back some stuff up...
Here in Michigan, all the street people have their e-mail accounts at the library so you can never get on. :-)


It is maddening when such techno-tragedies occur, is it not?

God sends us tests for our patience. I believe that.

I have to believe it. Because I usually feel like taking a hostage when my computer goes tits-up and I have to think some kind of higher power is involved so I don't come unglued.


Sorry about your computer. Since mine went down in July, I know all about the library usage. UGH! Hope you can retrieve all your data soon.

Nice to know what happened to you.


Well, the unmountable boot volume isn't the kiss of death, but you'll need to get some things downloaded off the 'net to save you, and well... you can't 'cause your 'puter is hosed...
A good shop can save your data for you and probably fix up the machine so it boots again.

Florida Cracker

Whew! I thought something even worse happened. Glad to hear from you again and happy birthday to your momma!

old horsetail snakeo

Happy birthday, Mamma Vitamin. And many more of the same, only younger. You have raised a swell daughter (maybe more than one; I don't know).


Aha! So THAT'S what happened. I thought you had been abducted by aliens and we'd get all kinds of data on the tests they ran in search of intelligent life. ;)


Aha! So THAT'S what happened. I thought you had been abducted by aliens and we'd get all kinds of data on the tests they ran in search of intelligent life. ;)


Intelligent life? That's why FTS posted twice? HA HA.

So glad you didn't get swallered up by a 'gator! I don't know what that boot volume error is, but it sounds kinda ugly. Hope you get back soon! I spilled my secret! ;)

Jamie Dawn

A GREAT BIG HAPPY -B-DAY to your mom. I hope she is lavished with diamonds and riches and trips around the world.
Or at least some hugs from her kids and grand kids.

Thanks for updating us. I was beginning to worry that you had spontaneously combusted or something.


I'm just glad you didn't fly south for the winter without us - oh wait! - you're already south - pffftttttt! Snow here tomorrow - arrrggggggggggggg!
Glad when you can visit again - have missed you at the DD! ;)


Sorry to hear about the computer... Good luck getting it fixed and in the meantime enjoy your forced break from blogging. :)

Paul N.

Happy Birthday, Mom. :-)


I wondered where you'd gone! Even after just recently discovering your weblog, I was already worried lol!

Here's hoping you get the computer fixed and that you're able to retrieve everything :))


Just checkin' :)
You know we are not a patient lot? ;)~


I was just about to call out the Coast Guard to come lookin' for you! I know the feeling of blog withdrawals ;) Tell your Mom happy birthday from the Poopster. Cya soon. ^j^


I love the library computers! When I'm home all weekend but can't touch the computer (Hubby doesn't actually know I blog...) it's very handy to go to the library for books and check out your own site!

I do hate the over the shoulder looks though.

Hope that computer comes back to life enough to at least get your stuff.

old horsetail snake

I am beginning to be ver' sorry for you. Miss you bunches, Laura.

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