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November 16, 2005


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Yeah, some of those just suck...


I have a nephew that had dyslexia. I am amazed he overcame it.He would up with a masters degree from Boone Univ. At 15 he could take apart an engine but could not read. It has to do with how the eye sees letters, if I remember correctly.


I don't understand the point of it either...a comment spammer can type those letters as easily as a real reader! Gets all OVER my nerves.

Florida Cracker

I confuse the r, m, n combos all the time and have to retype a new goofy combo. It has cut out my spammers so I don't mind it...much.

Jamie Dawn

It loks juts fine to em.


You know spammers go to each blog personally to leave spam comments, right? So making them difficult apparently is so time consuming that they just give up.

It cracks me up that there are people with technical skill on the internet who think spam comes from actual people that surf the net and type the crap themselves. These are the same people who think that if you have certain text in large font that those robots will be able to read it better and index you higher in the search engines.



Exactly, Leanne. I can't see how using a certain type of font would make any difference at all. A robot that can't read the different fonts? imagine that. lol


Actually, I don't think anyone with "technical skills" would believe something along those lines, but rather, I think HALOSCAN needs to address this font issue more clearly.

THere are so many different bloggers out there today, and not all of them have had computer training in writing code. I can include myself in that group, many of us just wing it as we go along.

I have no idea how haloscan works, since I don't use it on this site, but it seems idiotic to me that they'd offfer up fonts that look like the ones in this post. It serves no purpose whatsoever.


Oh man I hate having to translate those codes just to post a comment. Drives me batty. And cross-eyed. In total agreement about the font thing. I think they're just trying too hard to be "cute"...arghhhh.


I am always typing those in wrong, and I'm not dyslexic! They are just hard to read, hard to see sometimes. I know comment spam is a problem, but jeez, I hate having to that just to comment.

OldOldLady Of The Hills

This is soooo GREAT! Oh yes...I am dyslexic, sort of and, I'm old, so I sometimes have to go back twice!!!! But, I'm happy to do it..and happy I have it on my blog, too! A plesure to visit you! Charles suggested it and I'm so glad he did!


If I could get everyone to get wordpress - it would be heaven. The spam plugins put the spam in moderation if it doesn't get eliminated automatically, so commenters don't have to do ANY special tricks just to say "Hi". Why, if we want comments and interaction on our blogs, do we make it increasingly difficult to do just that?

One of the blogs I (used to) visit had 3 spam filters up. The first one was the code that was just plain illegible. I swear I had it right on several occasions, only to have my comment eaten and a message tell me I got it wrong. Screw that, I just won't go back! There! Problem solved! ;)


im here via michelle, but i gotta agree, man some of those word verificatino things are AWFUL, it will sometimes take me three tries to leave a comment!


It's really hard on my ego when it turns out I got the word verification WRONG!!! LOL.

Jamie Dawn

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family.
We travelled all day yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with my hubby's family. We will be gorging in about two hours from now. I can hardly wait!
Enjoy your holiday.

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