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November 09, 2005


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So they won't be burning their bras Friday night, huh? can usually rent disco balls at party rental places. Maybe you'll want to have the girls sneak over next door and take down all the Christmas lights (don't tell anyone I suggested theft!)


Christmas lights already! Ugh! Still doesn't beat the house in our neighborhood that had Halloween lights and lawn figures up, then replaced them immediately on Nov 1 with Turkey lawn figures and Thanksgiving-themed decorations. They've also decorated for Valentines, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, blah blah blah. I feel you on disconnecting the power source.


Do not let my kids hear the words disco ball. They want one for their bedrooms!


LOL Angie. I hope your kids don't read this, because I found the disco ball online at Target. Tomorrow I'll head over there and see if they have one in the store too.
Britt wants a snow cone machine instead of a fondue. I guess we'll have to have psychedelic colors.
Interstellar, we have a few people like that here too. They have the big blow up turkeys outside right now, some are taller than the house.

Kenju, that would be funny, burning all those A cup bras, lol


try JoAnns for the stuff you want. they might have it.
Publix has a great brownie mix.. "ghardelli" super good and rich and right now buy one get one free. Ah they are soooo good.
You have one crazy neighbor. maybe he has nothing else to do?? I hate seeing all the Christmas stuff crowding the stores the past three weeks.


I am also a bit fed up with Lost. It is losing its appeal. And I find it too hard to believe those people can spend months on an island with no fast food, no fatty foods and not lose a single pound. Especially that fat guy. Oh well, it is not supposed to be realistic. Or is it?

Jamie Dawn

I wanna come to the party!!!
Your neighbor needs a swift butt kicking.


OMG! Lost was so good tonight, but I'm devastated!!


CHRISTMAS LIGHTS? Already! Bah!!!!!!!!!
I was NOT impressed with LOST last night. So far, not with anything this season. Doesn't seem to have the punch it had last year...


Hey Steel, now that the two groups have met, I wonder what's going to happen in the next episode? Ana will meet Jack again... wonder how that meeting will go, too.

Mom, it's not about real life, lol. And even Hurley hasn't lost weight in real life either.

Jamie, get here quick! if you can stand thirteen - 13 year olds... lol

Sarah, now we know why Shannon was such a vain, self centered, rich b*tch in the first part of the series. Last night, they showed another side of her, and so we started to understand her a little bit, and maybe even like her. Then they kill her off. dammit.

Charlie is starting to annoy me too. I'd like to kick his superior whiny a*s around. At least he's good with the baby. But I think he'd better back off before the mom attacks. You can see that one coming a mile away!
I wonder if he's actually using the heroin or is he actually just holding the virgin mary statue to test himself?


I thought the show had lost some of its steam this season as well but am still on board.

I saw a set of Christmas lights on during drive home from work last night. Crazy.

The party sounds like a blast. Enjoy!


yeh, why didn't the dog smell his kid and run to him. and why does the dumb kid keep running away? Wonder what is going to happen on "Prison Break" One day till the execution! Will the baddies get caught and that wicked vice president get her punishment. can't wait till 24 returns. Well it is more interesting than real life.

Florida Cracker

Your neighbor is putting Christmas lights UP? mean we were supposed to take them DOWN?


LOL Crackers. My father in law never takes the outdoor lights down. The only ones he puts up are the ones that go along the trim near the soffit. Come Christmas, all he has to do is plug them in. lol..

Mom... Prison Break???? haven't heard of that one.

Keith, thanks..just hope I can keep my sanity. lol


I am completely lost as far as LOST goes. It's annoying because now it not only flashes to characters past lives; there is a whole new lot of (not very appealing) characters. And I am really distressed about Shannon because of Sayid.

So- this will be our first Florida Christmas and I'm hoping it will be as tacky as I imagine. I'm worried that since we won't arrive until Christmas Day we'll be the only ones without lights...maybe I'll put them up when I come down next week to visit Abby. :-)

Cracker made me laugh.


Lost rocks!

They haven't been on the island for months. O this season's first episode, when the guys were thrown in the pit, they noted it had been 43 days. The little boy isn't running away; he could be a premonition. And notice this -- the "Others" seem to have a thing for kids.

The first three shows this season had a lot of information. Everyone is tied to everyone else in some way. remember Boone ran into Jack's dad in a bar, the lottery numbers are the same as the hatch... all pieces to an intricate puzzle. :)

old horsetail snake

It's always easy to protest @#%*+ seagulls.


Vicky, a tacky Christmas?? You must hang out with some strange people over there. lol

FTS, yep, there's always a secret clue. I've been hooked since episode one! But the show did lose some steam this year. Sounds like they're picking up the pace again.

Hoss, the fishermen here do, especially when the seagulls come in after their bait!

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