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November 11, 2005


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Good luck tonight Laura!


possums are nasty dirty little marsupials. Just my opinion. And I love animals.

This party sounds like a lot of fun! Esp. 3 rum runners later.
Enjoy. And happy birthday to your girl.

And thank you for remembering Veteran's Day. Thank you.


I have a headache.

This house is louder than uh...
it's loud.
and they have a strobe light going.

I put the bird in the laundry room so he can have some peace and quiet and won't drop dead from the shock.
Oh the irony, this bird that never shuts up.. i'm saving his little birdy beak from the noise.

I had one one runner but never finished it. got too busy.

I want to sit on the couch for awhile, but I know if I do, i'll wake up at 3 am and then who knows WHAT the house will look like?

Vicky, the possum finally took off. He had some seriously large teeth!

Steel, thanks, ill need it!


Do you think you'll ever throw a party again??? Lol

Jamie Dawn

I'm late getting to blog, so I'm sure the par-tay is in full swing.
I hope it is great fun!

Florida Cracker

If this is a sleep over party it's going to be a long night. You should have served Turkey for the sedative effect...


That's a lot of estrogen in one place. Your poor husband... ;)

old horsetail snake

Well, it's Saturday. How many rum runners did it take to get you to drop off?

I bet those kids were quiet as mice for you. They weren't?


idk bout you, but once i hid in my room, i slept like a baby. =)



Bless your heart honey..I remember those days all too well. I was the mom who was dumb enough to let 'em party at my place all the time! Hope you got some sleep ;)


I am sure the party was very nice and all the ladies behaved like uhh ladies. Ah the sixties! what in the world made Brittany think of the sixties? mainly I remember it as being when kids sort of got out of control and drug use was common.Long hair, embroidered clothes..... wonder how that is different from today? The kids all grew up to be parents who now get to worry about the same things their parents worried about.

I found a dead possum in our yard It had been hit by a car. Dad buried it nice and deep.
Veteran's Day. I think of it as a day of rememberance when lives were disrupted, military injuries, lives lost, families grieving. Aways a sad day. We are thankful that there are many survivors.


I miss the sleepovers, I hope you and her had a great time....sounds like it was to be a lot of fun


Ha ha ha... I laughed so hard when I saw the Redneck Dogs of the South picture. Sigh, I dropped by on the right day! I enjoyed catching up with your blog and hope you are doing well. Sounds like you are!


Oooh...that picture has me cracking up!!

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