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November 14, 2005


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Oh. My. Gosh.

Don't even get mne started on the time management skills (or lack thereof) of adults. Kids at least are in the 'still learning' phase. Adults have no excuse.

I've never understood why people will wait until the absolute last minute to get ready and plan their travel down to the minute without consideration of traffic, finding a parking place, etc.

Let's be honest. There will be a time when all of us are late for something. I know people, though, who make a career out of tardiness. My friend "and stuff" has lost more jobs than I've had in my life due to consistently being late. She doesn't get it.

Neither do I.

Jamie Dawn

I hate to push things to the last minute and be rushed to get somewhere. It drives me bananas!
That last girl needed a prod in the backside.


Yep..and the sad thing about the "adults" is that many of them get excused with the phrase " Oh, that's her the way she is." Drives me nuts!


Two words for the last girl: Drive Away.

You screw with me, you no go to school.

Education is a right. Transportation to your education is a privledge.


Yeah. I think I would have left her slow ass standing at the curb. ATTITUDE! Not needed.


nah, you can't leave her at the curb. Her mom would feel justified doing that to your kid. I assume she was also 13? Maybe it should have been explained that you had an appt. to keep so hustle.
Life can be so frustrating! I have sister who acted that way when we were to go somewhere. never would be ontime.sometimes just started getting dressed when we were supposed to leave. Bugged me off good. We don't go anywhere together any more.


I must agree with FTS. Adults like that burn my candle.. My sister is habitually late.
Our cure? We tell her to be at such and such.. a half hour before the rest of us. If we go at 5, we tell her 4:30.
She's usually right on time....
Pssst. Works with teenagers too.


I hate to be late for anything and I hate it when other people don't have the same sense of urgency that I do. It is a matter of consideration for others.



Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong)

Okay, I saved your blog offline. While flying from Shanghai to Hong Kong this afternoon I re-read a bunch of your posts because I felt a need to clarify a few things.

First, "working like dogs" comes from Northern North America (that would be Canada - note, only a Canadian would point out such an obvious link, duh!) when dogs used to pull sleds all the time for a living... v v tiring work and a dying pastime, literally. So, YOUR dog has a cushy life in Florida (along with probably half of Northern North America's retired population) because it never snows down there. (There maybe other reasons - will get to them later.) Send your pooch out someday in search of Northern North American dogs, accompanying their retired folk from the Great White North, who might be former sled dogs. The Canine Canucks could share Polar Bear stories with your lazy lab.

Second, pastors and spiritual leaders eat garlic to keep evil away.

Third, I laughed at your daughter's Grocery Rule about the conveyor belt automatically stopping courtesy of the electronic eye. Been there, done that, cause feared the eggs'd roll off the end and upset the new cashier who was OBVIOUSLY having a less than stellar day. The whole moving belt thing would be a v v funny skit for Mr. Bean. Especially if there was NO electronic eye but instead Mr. Bean watching beneath the counter through the electronic eye peephole.

Fourth, getting hit on at Church? Yeah, that's a sin for sure. Nasty. Tell them to eat more garlic bread and stay away from the Pina Colada cupcakes.

Fifth, the US is going to invade Canada for our oil? Should I be worried here? What kind of oil do you need - vegetable, olive, castor?

Actually to be honest, none of those Northern geriatric people are THAT retired... they work for the Northern North American government - a divison called the RCMP (Righteous Carrier of Mountie Petroleum) and every spring secretly haul OUR oil back to Canada... but not on dog sleds now that the Northern North American dogs were forced to unionize. Not sure, but had something to do with the Northern North American dogs finding out their canine brothers south of the border had never worked a Northern North American dog's day in their life. Actually not that either... "worked like a dog" refers to Northern North American dog's working hard to help themselves, and their oil-carrying masters/mistresses, escape from being eaten by Polar Bears. Like teenagers, grumpy polar bears are always at the ready! And you thought Redneck Dogs of the South have it ruff, you should see what Canadian frostbite looks like on fangs, where the snow contains flouride.

Actually, crafting this comment has been very therapeutic... I see common currents in the Vitamin Sea.



I have never, EVER, laughed so hard at a comment like the one Charles left!!!!!

We now have a new mission, find a pict of those canadian sled dogs with flouride induced fangs. Definetly a weapon against terrorism.
Actually it sounds painful for the poor dog, now that I think about it..

By the way, the church guy managed to kept his eyes on the pastor during the sermon, but seemed to want to work along side of me too far too often during the breakfast buffet and the cleanup.
I'll eat a bunch of garlic next time, hmmm.


I would have commented earlier but...well...


The Assimilated Negro

funny. I too used to be ambiguous about semantics as a child. thin line between existential or semantic curiosity and being a child asshole. can children be assholes by the way? or is there a minimum age needed for that.


In my experience, there IS no minimum age. I've come across a few of those types, unfortunately.

Interesting you'd bring up existential & semantic curiosity as it relates to this post. (I should say, only you would think of that angle too.)

It's actually a real good point, the more I consider it. The basic attitudes, assumptions and values that frame one's life, and especially those lessons they learn as kids or teenagers can be traced back to a child's awareness of semantic curiousity as he or she moves through the teen years and into adulthood.
hmmm, not so sure about the existential angle tho.
You never cease to amaze me, Tan. Did you major in philosophy??

Zonker.. well what's stopping you? :)

old horsetail snake

I am one of those swells who is ALWAYS early. We're a dying breed. Too bad for me. This is something I didn't plan...


Teens. Imagine walking into a room of 25 to 30 of them each day, closing the door, and trying to keep them focused for 50 minutes.


Oh yeah, the same could definitely be said for WAY to many adults out there. I have no patience when it comes to waiting on others who have no respect for anyone else's time.

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