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November 01, 2005


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I believe the correct spelling is "Christ'mas". (g)


Nooooooooooooo! No flying days! I have done the shopping but I have to get my decorating in order which cannot happen until after Thanksgiving dinner has been served! Do you know how many boxes I have to open and unpack in order to have my house dressed for Christmas? At least 40!

Florida Cracker

How true! For those of us with kids in the house, we have to remind ourselves to savor every second of the hubub, because too soon they fly...


Our porch and walkway was decorated with eleven carved pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds, baskets, cob webs and creepy spiders. More cute kids and costumes then we have ever had visit. Of course, the dogs were not pleased with all these suspicious looking interlopers. The glut of candy ran out in short order so we had to crack open a case of granola bars. The whole deal took about three hours. And this morning the parents are paying dearly for sugar highs ( parents for sugar thighs) and late bedtimes.

Tell me , again, why we do this ?????


I'll try the Lotus position on the escalator at Macy's this weekend. They're supposed to have a bitchin' sale.

Jamie Dawn

Okay, I did as you instructed. How come I still feel stressed?
No, actually, I love the holiday season. I hope it goes by very slowly. I intend to enjoy it, even if it kills me.


I'm making a note to send you a two month supply of paper bags. You can breath into them when you begin to hyperventilate. ;-)

old horsetail snake

What happened to damn Thanksgiving? Did I miss it?

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