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November 04, 2005


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I'd like a U-Haul truck rental to Denver, please. One way. Just put a bow on the hood and I'll be fine. with it.

Thank you kindly, ma'am.


My wife grew up in a family that all made Christmas Lists, and her parents dutifully bought everything on the list. Her Christmases sucked, because she knew in advance exactly what she was getting.

In my family, the rule was "Christmas is for GIVING, not GETTING" - so lists were not only actively discouraged, they were scorned. The FUN in Christmas came from going out and finding the PERFECT present for the person whose name you drew (hey, six kids, we drew names).

I never ever knew what I would get for Christmas, except that I knew it would be something that a person I loved - and who loved me - thought was exactly what I would want. So there was never one moment's worth of disappointment.

Both my kids are finished their Christmas shopping now, and they can barely contain their excitement over what they got for everybody. I don't know how they'll last for two months without bursting, but I do know they're already looking forward to Christmas Day, and that's about as perfect as it gets, to me.

So, not meaning to suck the fun out of your idea, and it IS brilliant (of course), but I won't play for ME.

I will say, however, that if I drew YOUR name at Christmas, I know what I'd have already bought for you.


Nils, I'm of the same mind, I like to play surprises on people and half the fun for me is getting them something unexpected for Christmas.

I like your way of doing Christmas because we do the same thing.
We don't tell anyone what we're getting them, and we never ask for any one item in particular.
I never say.. "well I want a certain type of item in this color/size and from this particular store". What's the fun of that? Then you know exactly what you're getting and it's boring before you even unwrap the gift.

However, this idea was for those people who can't think of a thing to buy for a certain person, especially if that person doesn't seem to want anything to begin with! The theme idea makes a game out of it, in a way. It's not for EVERY person on your list.

However, I wouldnt mind the Mac if you're feeling generous (g).

FTS, we cannot unwrap a uhaul at Christmas, you know.. ;P~ LOL


If any of you know me then you know my theme would have to be SHOES.....hehehe

Florida Cracker

Trying to decide between a Glock theme or a Digital camera theme....hmmmm.

Maybe a Labrador Retriever theme would be the best choice.


The theme is a nice approach. Very creative thinking. LOL Normally I never want or ask for anything. I get what I want when I want/need it. However, this year I have put in my order for a Nikon D70s. We'll see ...

old horsetail snake

It's funny you should mention this, for I already have decided I am doing the pet theme this year. I want two of everything that comes in gray, like elephants and wolves.


Socks and underwear, no doubt. I'm running wayyyyyy low because the kid keeps stealing mine!



Jamie Dawn

That's a great idea. I suppose the socks or ties themes won't be anyone's top choices.
I guess a spa treatments theme would be a good one. Massages, facials, manis & pedis, etc.... Ahhhhhhh.


you know, that is a good idea, Jamie. If one person bought the manicure/pedicure package, and another person bought the facial package, etc.
Or several people could each buy the same persona diff't day at the same spa...
the possiblities are endless!


you know, that is a good idea, Jamie. If one person bought the manicure/pedicure package, and another person bought the facial package, etc.
Or several people could each buy the same person a different day at the same spa...
the possiblities are endless!


Seeing that we will most probably be moving into a new house either just before or just after the new year... I want a picture theme. Does not have to be master pieces in oil that costs a fortune...but the only thing I would specify is that the person who buys it...choose what THEY like, not what they think/know I would like. Then I would dedicate one wall in my new house for the pictures our friends bought... sort of a self portrait of each person and his or her's taste :)


My theme would NOT be purses, as I am very particular about them! It's not that I spend a fortune for them, but I have very specific requirements that no one would be able to meet but me.

My theme would be gift certificates for massages, pedicures and manicures, facials, foot reflexology, etc. That would be the best Christmas ever!!


It doesn't come any sappier than this, but I haven't spent one Christmas that I "needed" or wanted anything. I would like, at least, one Christmas in my life to have a theme of "Charity". Anything directed to me would be re-directed to someone or a family in need.

THAT would be my dream Christmas!


I just need a Garmin GPS system to keep track of my mileage and pace. :P


Excellent idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like it.

Sadly, with three kids, the adults don't exchange gifts anymore. The kids get it ALL!


(I get new trash bags to pick up the garbage left all over the floor with.)


"They are coming for Christmas! Good. Hope the dogs get along." I think they will. "Are they bringing all the cats?" Nope I doubt that.
Gotta go shopping no idea what to buy. clothes never fit or maybe not liked. oh well, I will figure it out. Merry Christmas

Jamie Dawn

Laura, I'm ready for my spa treatments! My friend, Tami, and I have gone to a few spas together and I don't think I could ever get too many massages.

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