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November 13, 2005


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Joe Cool Cowboy Poet

WOW. If that's a bar mitzvah, then I want to be Jewish too. LOL, I had heard that they (the B.M.) can be very extravagant.

Sounds like the party went well, liked the hints on how to keep the clean up down to a minimum.

Hugs and prayers.

old horsetail snake

Isn't it just great when you can "look forward" to a mall trip instead of a hurricane?


Wait! You're painting and moving furniture and staying in to watch football and it's a gorgeous day outside!??? Those are activities for those of us in the "wet lands". Lose the fleece and go outside and play! Sheesh! :)


Seamus, you're right. 'bout time we got outside and did nothing. So we've decided to go eat lunch at a waterfront place near here, where we can sit outside and not do a single thing.
I'm waiting for hub to finish up the last of the painting on an entertainment center that he made.
We rearranged the furniture since it had to be done anyway. We took all the "good" furniture out of the family room for the party. Instead of putting it back, we switched it all around.

we also did a lot of laying around this morning. I think we're all just tired out.
House looks good now and we're going to spend the day doing... NOTHIN! lol!

Hoss, well that just puts it into perspective!!

Joe, hugs!! hope all is well on your side of the world!


Hmm..well I'm catching up on my b**g reading!

Florida Cracker

I spent too much of this beautiful day in Lowes picking up trim, paint, etc. Glad the party went well, sorry about the Gator's loss.

Jamie Dawn

The party sounds like it was great fun! I'm sure Britt appreciates all you did to make it a wonderful party.
Today, we attended church then came home for lunch and had a lazy, restful afternoon.


Sounds like a good time was had by all!

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