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November 01, 2005


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I made my world-famous (well, this part of the world) pizza, and washed it down with Canadian Club and Diet Pepsi (with Lime!) ... the Canadian Club had a rye sort of smell, with overtones of rye and a slightly rye-y taste.

I'd had one while I was making the pizza, and one during the eating phase ... and now I have another in front of me as I wander around my favourite corners of the internet. I mix them very light, so I have only the gentlest of buzzes ... much what a person your size would get from an extra glass of wine. It's nice.

Now, only one thing missing ...


ah we had chicken with mushrooms. pretty good. Naturally the dog begged for some and was rewarded nicely.. by my husband. He is always a sucker for begging dogs. We had 12.4 inches of rain in October. today we added 1 1/2" more to the total. The storm was so heavy and noisy hubby said it sounded like a small hurricane. The dog agreed.
The nice folks from Virginia returned to clean up the hurricane trash they could not get to yesterday. But the storm hit so they quit. Still surprises me how the city got the crews from out of state here. They do good work.
No TV Cable for 8 days. damn.
Hey Rick, everyone has a battery die sooner or later. It is not my perfect Granddaughter's fault. amen.


Laura "Seinfeld" - a post about nothing - well except some really juicy burger and I'm stuck at my desk. At least you didn't describe the wine a having a "damp dog" taste! Cheers! ;)


I had yet another birthday luncheon today, in the company of a co-worker/friend and my boss/friend. We went to the Bamboo Club, where I chowed down on wonton soup, crab rangoon, Thai spicy shrimp, brown rice and green beans. Consequently, my stomach was still too full to eat dinner - and we had oatmeal, believe it or not. Then I fell asleep in my recliner, trying to watch Earl and the Office and Boston Legal. I guess this is also a "seinfeld" evening!


fried breaded veal in an alfredo sauce with some lump crab meat thrown in, and a quickie garlic bread. I needed some soul carbs. Thinking about chocolate at the moment. Back to the kitchen!


Yu guys are making me hungry and it's 1am grrrrr


Nils, that sounds like a fine evening to me. Rye and coke or Jack and Coke is usually my drink of choice. (When I drink. I'm not much of a drinker). LOL.
Unless there's a margarita handy. What was missing anyway? (g)

Mom, the chicken and mushrooms sound delicious. No TV cable YET? I'll tape Lost tonight and send it to you.

Seamus, actually, I think my whole blog is sort of Seinfeld-ish. As are most blogs on the internet. And that's fine, just fine w/me. lol

Kenju, the Bamboo Club meal sounds reallll good! your evening sounded just like mine, except I finally fell asleep on the couch. LOL

(hey, it was a long day!)

Monty, you just had to one up everyone and throw in a gourmet meal, didn't you. But I'm going to forgive ya because it's high time we got some class over here on this site. Note To Self: Dinner at Monty's, and soon..

TSB, at 1 a.m, hope you found something good!


Yep! Most blogging is "...much ado about nothing" - perhaps that half the fun! Happy Hump Day! :)


Such a fine line between "fell asleep" and "conked out".


The California wine country IS terrific. My wife and I made the jaunt in the 1980s. Got to go into a genuine cave to see lots of wine in genuine tasks. Found, in San Luis Obispo, a wine actually named "Dago Red." Found lots of free samples. LOTS. Too many.


Nils is just trying to get my goat. I did NOT conk out@@@! The Bolts were losing badly and it wasn't enough to keep me awake. I had a GLASS of wine, not the whole bottle, pffft.

Hoss, thanks for the tip. Whenever we do go, I'll get ahold of you for recommendations.

Jamie Dawn

The Napa valley is gorgeous. I've been there several times. I stayed at a few spas there with my mom and a best friend. We have stayed at the Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa three times. The area is ritzy and wonderful!
That burger sounds delicious. I hope your daughter didn't feel too bad about killing the battery.


I had the proverbial dog/cat fight going on in my BED the other night.


Poopie.. ROFL! did you get picts??

Jamie, i'm going to google it right now. Sounds great to me!!


You do not need a reason to post as long as you post.


Judging by the ratio of typos-to-words, I'd say you were either typing one-handed while eating your burger, or you've had more wine than you let on... ;-)


FTS, FIXED! it was the burger. pffft. I lowered my standards for one night and i'm paying for it dearly!


And the recipe for your juicey burger is where? Hmmm?

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