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November 03, 2005


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I'm not overly impressed by the advertising glut on the page, but I find I can tune it out. And it's heartening to see someone with talent figure out a way to make that talent pay, even if we readers have to negotiate through a maze of ads.

I look at it this way: her writing is so well-crafted and funny and bright and clever that I would happily go down to a bookstore and buy anything she'd written. But I don't have to - all I have to do is ignore some graphic content ... which I am able to do. So I figure I'm ahead.

I'm fairly immune to cute pictures of OPC (Other Peoples' Children) and dogs, so I can ignore all graphics and hunt for the words. I figure a daily dose of laugh-out-loud humour is worth a bit of squinting.

You should sell ad space on your blog, with your legion of faithful readers. Let's see ... what products would work best on Vitamin Sea ...? I believe I'll ponder this awhile ...


what an odd comment comming from you, Nils! After all, you're the one that said her site wasn't interesting anymore since she turned off the comments. I thought her writing was still the same, and, in fact.. even better! LOL
Ads on my site? I'd lose all 5 of my readers. :)


I have long left her behind. Drug ads - self explanatory :-/ Walking nut job.


Yikes. Judge not that ye be not judged, Angie. Lots of us take drugs ... and while I AM a walking nut job, that doesn't mean everybody who takes drugs is. And the DrugStore ad that showed up when I went on the site was for Baby Monitors. Not exactly the tools of the trade for most nut jobs.

And Laura, I think the elimination of the comments was way more detrimental to the Dooce experience than the ads ... but hey, what do I know? I'm a walking nut job.


You are a walking nut job Nils, but that's what I love about ya :))
However you balance it with a strong dose of intelligence for your readers and your distinguished career speaks for itself.
I like that in a guy.

As for dooce's site, I just hope they get the site redesigned so that the photos and the stories that she writes are the focus of the blog. Not the ads themselves.

The ads need to be put in a place where they don't compete with her masthead.

She's a gifted writer, and while I don't agree with everything she says, I do appreciate her honesty, her openness and I can sympathize with her struggle against depression as well. WHen I don't find her funny, I can always click X. I'm sure other people do the same for my site as well. :)))

But the site design? nooo not working for me. I do love the picts of Leta and Chuck, and look forward to them all the time. Just don't want to see an ad for something right along side of it.

Jamie Dawn

Pop up ads or other types of ads annoy me.
If I'm annoyed, I do what it takes to not be annoyed any more.


I don't read Dooce. I visited a couple of times, but that's all. I like my blog friends I have now. :)

I don't condemn her for advertising since any of us would probably like to generate some income from our sites. However, we then begin to feel the pressure to 'perform' when advertisers are watching the hits. I feel blogging would no longer be as enjoyable at that point.

There are only a few things that annoy me enough to make me consider whether I like a blog well enough to put up with them, such as music that starts playing automatically on a site and pop-ups/unders. I have to like a blog a LOT to tolerate them. :)


I can't deal with any blog where the comments are turned off. Sure, its more peaceful for the writer, but it's also just, like... masturbation through text. Same result, but its not the same thing without human interaction.

old horsetail snake

Lemme put it this way: I only go to one b**g that has ads on it. That tell you anything?


I don't and won't ever have ads on my site. I try to keep the focus. If I see a site with a bunch of ads? Bye-bye.


I hate ads anywhere. don't watch much TV because of the advertising. My main reason to read blogs is to be amused. so ads don't cut it.


I am not an ad lover, either. In fact, I'll share with you something that I created and stuck to my front door two years ago:

"NO sales, no offers, no home improvements.
NO catalogs or flyers attached to the door.
DO NOT RING THE DOORBELL MULTIPLE TIMES FOR ANY REASON. We are not interested in being solicited by you or your organization for any of your products or materials. We'll call you if we need you."

Aah I love peace and quiet. I hate people trying to tell me what I need to make my life better. I've been to Dooce twice now. I've heard a lot of great things, but frankly I was never sucked into the storyline of her life - I suppose you had to know her from the beginning. I just went again, and like you? I couldn't tune out the overwhelming ads to find the content. And no comments? What is she, Michelle Malkin? That's just rude. Allow the stinking comments, even if you (as the blogger) can't reply to them. Even Michele Agnew doesn't get to her comments - and how many people are bothered by that?

Ug. I'm with you on it - I won't go back to read regularly, but I might go back if you mention that the ads are gone and you link it again. LOL



Ack. I don't like ads. I do have an Amazon link on my page but that's it and I only put it up certain times of the year. Maybe I'm a pot calling the kettle black but I don't think so. Not with one little Amazon link.

The ads are a distraction. What once was a "personal" journal/weblog has now become a media show.

There's another weblog that I used to visit frequently and still have on my blogroll that has slowly turned into one big ad campaign. It's turned me off and I rarely visit anymore.

Just my two cents...


I went to her site 5-6-7 times, and I didn't like all the ads - or that comments were off. If I can't leave a comment, I lose interest in the writing. I do visit a few that have ads, abut they are commercial photographer's sites, and I expect it there.


One of the nice things about FireFox; the ads can be filtered out...
Howver, dooce is doing what she thinks is right, so...


Steel, I have Firefox. How do you filter out the ads? or did you mean the popup ads?

Florida Cracker

I have Google adsense on my site, more as an experiment. The adds are tucked away down at the bottom where nobody goes, except for one little on at the top.
I get a kick out of watching them change according to the subject I write about.

So far, I have earned about $3.48 since April when I started Pure Florida. That pretty much tells me it's a waste of space and soon I will be removing the code for it.

Never heard of dooce.

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