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November 16, 2005


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HA HA! Let's see, when I get a million dollar check, a BMW and a hunk (well, I've got the hunk), I'll send you a picture of them all. :P


Yes, I've had that dream. It is usually the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes grand prize. Never mind that I quit playing that crap years and years ago. I still want to win it!


I prefer to dream about winning a 134 million dollar jackpot. I'll buy my own cars and other junk. I'll have a big big yard and lots of dogs. I might even share it with my wonderful kids and their families. we could divide it up six ways. one share for each of us and one for charity. Boy, I am going to have fun with it.


Congrats! :)

The only time I've had bells and whistles go off at the door of a store was when the cashier didn't scan my item well enough and it set off the theft alarms.


Well ding dang...I'm always at the wrong place at the wrong time ;)

old horsetail snakeo

Hey, you've already got a boat. That's all you get under the "One Goody Per Customer" rule.

Jamie Dawn

Congrats!! You're a weiner... I mean a winner!!!!


I love the "Lass" too- she's a great read. I'm here, in your neck of the woods, Laura- beating the rain, wind and chill of Michigan. And in true Florida spirit, we've started our Christmas decorating across the bay. It includes dead lizards and animated polar bears.

Here! here! to your dyslexia post. I often waste good time trying to figure out how to make those things into useful words.


Dammm... I never win anything :(


TSB, it was a first for me also. I never seem to win ANYTHING.

Vicky, LOL, you and your northern approach. I've never heard of decorating with dead lizards or polar bears. Most of the town puts up the usual wreaths, santa claus and reindeers. Except the people from Michigan. :))

Jamie, WITH mustard. I'm good with mustard.

and Hoss, the boat is mostly..(mainly) ok, 100% HUBS.


You know ... things do come in threes! ;)

Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong)

Hi Laura - have a look at my blog today!

OldOldLady Of The Hills

LOL! It's amazing how many people I know who have never won anything, at all, let alone Publisher's Clearing House! Haveyou ever known one single soul personally who has won this Clearing House deal??? Me neither! But I do know a couple who won the New Jersey lottery, or maybe it was New York...not Millions, but like $325,000!!! That would be okay with me? Your blog is really fun! I'm going to be back!

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Just looking at some of your BEACH photo's....GORGEOUS! There is something about an empty beach where you can see forever..and the water rolling in..MY Lord,that is so beautiful and relaxing, to me! If someone wasn't sure if there was a God or not...all he or she has to do is look at one of those pictures of The Sea...
Magnificent! Thanks so much; You made my day.


OldOldLady, (this would be the first time I've ever called anyone an old lady, and it feels really weird, LOL!)
Thanks so much, that made MY day knowing you enjoyed it! come on back anytime. :)


What? You got busy putting up Christmas lights?

Jamie Dawn

You haven't posted in a while. I suppose you already know that Old Horsetail Snake, Gene's wife passed away. I just thought I'd pass the info along to you just in case you didn't stop by his place lately.


Things must be hectic around the homefront. Hope all is well there. :)


Congratulations!! Who knows, maybe the hunk with the BMW got lost and is on his way to South Africa ;)


I won a door prize once at work. Two round trip tickets anywhere in the world Delta flies, up to $400 each. We found tickets to Paris in the off season for like $398 each. It was cold, but perfect. I was pregnant with my daughter at the time, so I guess technically she went too.

I actually won two door prizes at that company Christmas party. I felt greedy, so I gave the other one (a salsa dish) away to a co-worker. Hey, I'm not stupid. Of course I kept the plane tickets. :)

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