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February 26, 2006


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I am not at all adventuresome when it comes to cooking. After we were first married, I tried to impress by making a new recipe of dressing for the turkey. It had apricots and onions in it. Why I ever thought it would be good is beyond me now. It was horrible, and virtually non-edible. I don't experiment much since then...LOL

Florida Cracker

I can't think of anything strange or unusual that I have grilled. I haven't even tried some of the normal different stuff like fruits, etc.

Give me dead animal parts though and I can grill happily for hours.


My boys have done oatmeal and eggs on the grill...but that's about as adventurous as it's gotten...LOL


I often grill vegetables in the spring and summer. The grilling brings out the sugar in them and they taste real sweet.
Sometimes I slice a mixture of onions, bell peppers and mushrooms and grill them all together.
Asparagus on the grill is outstanding. And grilled pineapple over frozen yogurt or ice cream is really good too. Apples, sliced a little thick, come out delicious.

TSB, oatmeal and eggs... were they camping? lol.
Crackers, you ARE leaving the armadillo alone, right... ;)
Kenju, I've had "waht was I thinking" moments like that when trying out new recipes. Some serious disasters have emerged from my kitchen too. LOL


Wow I didn't know anyone else had to cook on a grill for a while. Years ago my stove finally quit on me and I was stuck for a while with nothing to cook on but the outdoor grill. Everything was cooked on it. Your apple pie sounds wonderful and I don't even care for apple pie.


Actually, barbeque pie sounds pretty tasty, and that's coming from a man in Kansas City, which is a BIG barbeque town.

old horsetail snake

Nothing tops a grandma.


BBQ pizza is best pizza I've ever made and asparagus on the grill absolutely rocks! I don't know if I could ever be as resourceful as your grandma though...what a gal!


Garlic, onions and mushrooms? Do those count? I lost a few 'shrooms down in the flames though.


I'm about to fire mine up for pork chops. Not strange at all, but mighty yummy!!

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