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February 07, 2006


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What wonderful photos! I have some of my dog and cat back in the 50's, doing much the same thing.

Thanks for sharing your jokes! I likethe one about not having to pray before dinner because mom is a good cook.....LOL

Florida Cracker

Very peaceful. Now, if you threw a hotdog between them....


I dislike the word 'adorable'...but can't think of a better one. That first one almost makes me wanna cry.

old horsetail snake

Title: "How a Cat Pets Itself"

Jean-Luc Picard

The photos say it all!


Oh, how breathtakingly adorable. I love that you got these photos. We should all learn to get along the way Buddy and Rico do.


...and ten minutes later, the dog ate him.

Laura - VitaminSea

LOL, throw a hotdog into the mix and Rico would be history! j/k

Actually, the interesting thing about these photos is that they were taken just before Buddy was diagnosed with diabetes. He was fairly sick at the time. I really think the cat picked up on it.

Kenju, thanks, glad you liked them!
Pammy, I know, i know, I was trying to avoid cute overload... lol
Maine, you and your sick sense of humor. (don't stop!)
Hoss, yep, in more ways than one. lol.

Jean-Luc, wow, a real life trekkie stops by to see our planet! I'm going to have to brush up on my trekspeak if this keeps up. ;)

Nils, I got lucky with those shots. I was there at the right moment. If only that happened more often in real life!


too cute!


I love this series of photos. Do they often "commune" in this manner? Ours do - 140# of Buffledog and 6 1/2# of of Tortie, pics rarely work because they are both so dark. :)


I am very enchanted with those photos! Just adorable!


I am very enchanted with those photos! Just adorable!

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