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February 09, 2006


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Britt has done a great job. I love the photo of the waterfall. I think she has some art ability.

My red-light foods: mashed potatoes, fried chicken, Bojangle's biscuits, pralines and cream ice cream, good bread and butter.

old horsetail snake

"Tree," "Sleepy Dog" and "Waterfall" are among my favorites. Nicely done, Britt.


Laura: Dammit, you went and mentioned grits. Now I'm not hungry anymore.


Hey Mr. Old Horsetail Snake and Kenju!!! Thank You sooooooo much for the compliments!!

Florida Cracker

Britt's got the eye! I like Buddy sleeping in the car best, but I am highly biased towards cute dog pics. No Food was pretty funny too!

I just came from On The Border, so we better add Huge Burritos (and XX)to my redlight list. Thanks for the mention!


Oh, the Waterfall picture is sooo pretty. I liked it so much that I sent a link for it to a guy I know who is great with photography.
Proving once again that pictures are not made by the camera. Britt has a great eye.


What are grits, anyway, and who decided they should be eaten? :p

Bread is a red light for me. I love all kinds, but the best is freash-baked and still warm. Just hand me the butter and stay out of my way.

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