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March 08, 2006


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I love the clock!!!!!!!!!! THe pic is incredible, who needs the book, you seem to be doing just fine :)

old horsetail snake

I hate the clock!!!!!!!!!! The pic is awful, you need the book, you seem to be doing just rotten :(

(I just wondered what it would be like to go the opposite way of TSB. Damn that's good. Let's just leave it.)


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rose...I want PS elements...I have PS 7.0 and I suck at it, and I HATE the bundled help file...I want a BOOK to use it!

Love the clock too. Saw you at Michele's and thought I'd say hey!


God, what a gorgeous rose! I feel sneaky, just looking down into it.


I dunno what the appliance is...think it's a stove...but I DO love that clock. Whatever it is, I'd have bought it because of the clock, too.

I got Photoshop for Christmas, along with the book, "Photoshop Elements 4 - 50 Ways to Create Cool Pictures". So far, I've only learned how to 'tweak' the colors on stuff. LOL I'm such a retard.


Well, since TSB and Hoss cancelled each other out... The clock is -- a clock.

I have Photoshop Elements and I never read the manual. Want mine?


TSB, LOL.. thanks! and Hoss, I'm totally ignoring YOU. ;) (g)

Linda, I'm actually looking for a book that will have projects I can do in photoshop that will also help teach me about the software. When I find one, I'll let you know!
Which brings me to the book that Pam mentioned, I'll check out that one too. She's not a retard, btw.. her blog is hilarious. ;)
Kenju! ack! that wasn't my intention! LOL
Hope you liked it anyway. (g)
FTS, welllll, I have the manual, I'd just like one that gives more examples!
And you're so wrong, this is not JUST a clock! gasp...

Florida Cracker

I'm guessing a convection oven.


Miss Cellania

How retro can a clock be when its digital? And the rose still looks like a rose, but it looks AWESOME, amazing color.


Laura, thanks for the visit. Yes, they have a travel blog. It is supposed to be for family and friends only, and that is where I get their photos from. Most of their photos look very dark on the blog, so I save them and tweak them a little bit, even though I can't make them perfect.

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