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March 10, 2006


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Though I COMPLETELY agree with you, I do have to add that they did choose to live in an 'association'-type neighborhood...or whatever they're called. I'm sure they were informed of all the stupid rules and regulations before they moved or built there. That's probably the biggest reason that I'd never, ever choose to buy or build a home in a neighborhood like that.


Yeah, I agree with Pammy. I'm glad I don't live in a neighborhood with rules. Although I do think someone should enforce the "no littering my front lawn" law ;~)

I admire the lady. I hope she wins this fight.

old horsetail snake

I like the sentiments but not her choice. She knew that when she moved there. So, bah humbug me.


We have some areas in a town near here that have very strict rules like her development. They fined a guy for flying an American flag! Another guy got flack for putting a different color of roof on his house. I couldn't believe it!


Wow... tough call... well drop by my blog and read about the 21 floor building going up. I'd like to get the home owners association onto that game.

LOVE THE CLOCK. Can't wait to see the grand opening of your kitchen.


I understand what you're saying, but a few things are at play here:

1. If you choose to live in such a place, you go in knowing there are "rules" (which is why I don't live there)

2. That is one butt-ugly sign. And seriously, is anyone going to "support our troops" as a result of seeing it, if there were not so inclined before?

3. One butt-ugly sign leads to another, and where does it end? I doubt that any of the security alarm signs are that big, and there's a purpose for them.

Sorry, but I have to side with the association on this one. She can get a bumper sticker if she wants. But this thing is an eye-sore.

Florida Cracker

Sometimes common sense should prevail. The homeowner association should be able to see the PR damage they are inflicting on themselves. A little exception for the folks who put it all on the line...


Well, you know I'm supporting our troops- especially since my poor brother-in-law is still holed up over there long after most people are retired. What a mess. Signs and homeowners associations and all that- another debate. The St. Pete house is is a NDR (Neighborhood Design Review) location and we accept the rules because we bought in knowing that it was an area of historical preservation with tough guidelines.

Laura- off topic- I really wanted to thank you for your prayers and your care and support during a difficult time for me. As in this post, your compassion for others is a beautiful part of who you are. Thank you.


That says FG (Rich's sign on)- it's me, Vicki. I'm a bit discombobulated over here. Sorry.


When military support signs are criminalized, only criminals will have...

Oh, nevermind.

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