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March 18, 2006


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We live on Sudofed pretty much all year long around here but when the old honker gets too stopped up, I arm myself with Afrin ;~)


If you find a guy like that, and he works cheap, let me know.....LOL

It's Flonase and Tylenol for me!

Old Horsetail Snake

Oh, yes, they exist. They're just not right where you are, is all.


Oh, so glad to see a ringing endorsement. My doctor just prescribed it for me. Hoping it works.


(looking despondently down at my winter pallor)

Soooo close.


Well, this is one of the areas where I've been lucky in life. I don't seem to have seasonal allergies. Good luck to you though. (Also, if I went around shirtless, I'd probably get arrested.)


I am so behind these days. My lifesaver would be rice cereal. The baby is in a growth spurt it seems and was nursing EVERY hour and a half to two hours. It was draining me -literally. He won't normally take a bottle either!! But I have managed to get milk with a little rice cereal mixed in it this weekend into him and he slept for 6 hours through the night. Life! Saver!

Florida Cracker

Just came in from working in the yard. I needed to find my shirt before I started cooking a gourmet meal and fixing everything that needs repair...

...bummer about that tall part.



Can't help you out on the big strong man - right now the big strong man who lives in my house is still recovering from injuries from a work accident.
The pollen is so bad here that his black truck looks yellow if he doesn't hose it down every couple days. He says it is about over for this year. Thank goodness we don't suffer too much from allergies - a little Sudefed will clear us up.

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