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March 21, 2006


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LOL -- I just love your posts -- you are so descriptive. I am thinking tho that I want Buddy :) -- we lost our 12 year old husky/retriever mix 1 1/2 years ago and still the pain is so intense but your Buddy looks just like our Montana :) -- I think we are getting closer to giving in and getting a new baby :)


When we were moving into this old farmhouse, we were concerned because our old dog, Annie, would be out of the neighbourhood she had lived in for years. We didn't want her bolting from the house in our old neighbourhood, so we brought her out here even though she was underfoot as we brought in boxes and lamps and furniture.

In a quiet moment, when everybody was back picking up another load, I realized she was nowhere to be seen and the doog was wide open. We're set back from the highway, but not so far back she couldn't make it to the road and begin the trek "home".

I dashed to the road, hoping to spot her - but no luck. Just then a truckload of the folks who had been at the other place loading up arrived, and they figured out what the problem was fairly quickly. So there were four of us looking for her ... then six, then eight people, wandering around the countryside in the fading light, calling the damn dog.

Finally, we gave up - w were losing the light, needed to get the stuff moved in, and we figured she'd turn up in one place or another. I was helping move a dresser into my daughter's room upstairs, and had to kick a box out of the way that was blocking the door.

Yeah, hi, Annie. Damn dog.

I hope Big Red gets reuinited with his owners. How sweet of you to take him in and shelter him, although that barking must have been a helluva distraction as you go through your day. Made me giggle. I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall to see you bickering with the dogs!

Old Horsetail Snake

I don't have anything nearly as good as this, kid. Nice post.


I had this blue heeler named Pepper who loved to go over to the golf course behind me and mooch hot dogs and stuff offa the golfers. He was their mascot sort of...would ride in the cart with one of the old guys who worked there. Then he would wander on over to the airport where the restaurant folks fed him through the back door. He had been missing for about three days and I was heartbroken. My ex went to work telling everybody about how he had disappeared and I was all upset. One of the guys at his work said "I think you need to talk to Bill" Turned out Bill had picked a dog up whose description matched Pepper's up at the golf course and took him home thinking he was a mighty fine looking homeless dog. Ex went and found Bill at the plant and arranged to come and view the "missing" dog for identification. Ex and his friend took off to Bill's house that afternoon and before they even got to the house friend spotted him and started hollering "PEPPER!!" Poor Pepper damn near got hit running across the highway back to his Daddy who brought him back home.

Florida Cracker

You and your friend have kind hearts. Good for you.

I got lost in a Sears when I was about 5. They searched frantically and then found me jumping on a trampoline with a crowd of people cheering me on.


Thanks, Sue! I'll bet Montana was a real good friend, indeed. It's always really hard to say goodbye when they go. :(

Nils, knowing Annie, that post just made me laugh and shake my head. I pictured her just laying down to take a nap until someone shows up to let her out again. She probably got lost looking for old tennis balls lying around... :)

Thanks, Hoss ;)

Poopie, that must have been one Well Fed dog! LOL

Crackers, I ought to smack you, LOL! But to be sure, I didn't specify dogs or humans, so I guess you'll win this round!


Over the years I have lost some dogs and cats that were never found but this is a story of a cat finding me. When the hurricanes blew through here it damaged my neighbor's trailer and mine and since we had been friends for so long we decided to throw in together and rent a place - we help take care of each other - back to the cat - we moved in the closest neighbors moved out and they left behind the smartest cat. I thought he was someone's pet in the neighbor hood so didn't feed him at first - room mate said don't feed him and he will go home. Well I noticed he was getting thinner and figured out he was left behind so started to feed him - I fed him for a month before my room mate found out. We named him Moocher and he has been with us ever since.


I was cruising down the main drag of the town that I worked in, off on some work errand and passed a very overweight and elderly basset hound who was tottering on the sidewalk right next to the curb. I looked in my rearview miror and to my horror I saw him stumble off the curb and into the street and there was not a walking human to be seen. Understand that this is the "miracle mile" and the traffic is thick and endless. No one was stopping but simply swerving to go around the disoriented dog. Knowing he was going to meet his demise in the busy traffic I flipped the car around in a parking lot and stepped into the traffic daring them not to stop. I was so fucking angry when several started blowing their horns - it would have been disasterous if I'd been armed right then. Anyway, I scooped up the dog - no light weight - and carried him to the other side of the street and set him down on the sidewalk. I was studying "our" delimma and another car pulled into the parking lot on that side. The woman got out saying that she had seen the dog's impending doom as well and had also turned around to do the same as I did. Turns out she was a receptionist for animal control and we loaded him into her car and exchanged names and numbers. A follow up call later that afternoon revealed that the basset was re-united with his elderly human. I still get so angry at the gross insensitivity of the people (term used VERY loosely) who did not even bother to stop and let the dog pass safely across the road.


Doubleknot, that's the best kind of Moocher there is!

Seamus, insensitivity is right. Sometimes I think people get so wrapped up in their own affairs....they think someone else will stop and take care of the problem because they're in too much of a hurry to deal with it.
And 9 times out of 10, they play the stress card as well.
If we all took time to slow down and help each other once in a while, we might not be so stressed out in the first place! I'll bet anything his owners were very glad to see him again.


we have an "off river" house. just a hundred feet or so from the river. Our three or four month old beagle puppy could not be found. We looked on the waterfront. We drove all over the neighborhood. walked in and out back yards. could not find her anywhere. Finally we went back to the river and looked again. the poor puppy was caught in the mangroves, her harness stuck on a branch. The tide was coming in and she was up to her neck in water. Just ten minutes more and it would have been over. Scared the hell out of us.


I love a story that has a GOOD ending! You built yourself up some karma, you did :-)

Hi, Michele sent me!

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