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March 07, 2006


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I'll have to put a pot of that by my tomatoes this year!


Purple basil is one of my most favorite herbs. I used to have a humongous herb garden. Though I used a lot in cooking, my favorite thing to do was to go out and pinch a bit of this or that and just smell it...lemon basil, rosemary, scented geraniums, globe basil, lavender, sweet annie...they're all like catnip to me. hehe


I'll have to pick up some of that! It's soooo pretty.

Florida Cracker

Heard of it, never grew it. There must be twenty different basils out there.

Ask Brit or Sam to solve the PureFlorida puzzler...


Crackers, you mean I had the wrong answers the third and fourth time around?!!! arrgh.
Sam and Britt won't be home till tonight. I don't think they'll get it tho. In fact, I know they wont. I'll ask 'em anyway, maybe they'll surprise me.


Pam, I do the exact same thing! LOL! I'm constantly pinching off the leaves just to smell them, i'm really amazed at the number of scents that have come out on the market. Last year I saw chocolate mint and anise as well.

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