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March 14, 2006


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Oh. My. Now it's the 'mailbox flag police'. Good gawd.

If they created such a hoo-haa about mailbox flags, I'm kinda suprised they didn't think tarring and feathering was an appropriate punishment for Stacey.

Florida Cracker

Such a little Animal Farm they have in that "neighborhood".

Such a place would make a great reality show.


Do potential home buyers know of all of these rules of the home owners association before they buy? I think I would be pretty outraged to think I had unwittingly bought into a community as petty as the one you describe.

But I've always said that home owners associations really bring out the worst in people.


I don't think that type of lunacy is limited to Florida. We have a neighborhood around here that fought with a guy over the color of his new roof, and others that fight about displaying flags. Thank God I don't live in them.


I don't miss the HOA. Hi Michelle sent me


Yeah, some people need a life. Our HOA is getting quite intrusive and there is a huge outcry pushing back these days.
Power to the people.


Hey, didn't we fight a war - or two, or three - so that we could preserve our freedom? Sounds like these surf-nazis are trying to take it away one ordinance at a time.


Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciated your kind comment.

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