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March 24, 2006


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Your story wasn't tooooo long - you had to get the details in.
I can't top you with the hunting - you made the right move no matter what the place is worth now - accidents happen all the time in places like that. But back to toping you - we had gaters in our pond.
Your little blue house looks nice. Hope you don't have to do too much repairing.
We may be off on a road trip this morning that is if my room mate wakes up - he wanted to get going by nine - huh - he usually doesn't get up till ten or eleven.

Florida Cracker

You're right, you really DON'T want to know.

Hey we may pass each other on the roadways this weekend.

I'll just wave at every couple I see with two teen daughters and a diabetic dog. Just in case it' y'all...

Have fun!


I bet you charged extra for the snakes, didn't ya?

Old Horsetail Snake

I know it's way off in the future, but you can retire there, can't you?

Miss Cellania

I wanted to retire there right now, til you mentioned the hunting range. My kids are still too little to shoot. Come to think about it, thats why I can't retire!


"Mouthitude"......I LOVE it!

I don't blame you for wanting to move; hunters are bad enough, but throw in the snakes and gators? I'd be gone before you could say boo!


If there were couple of more critters "the size of ..." you'd have the whole New-nited-states right there in lil' ol' Florida :D
Looks like wonderful digs to me!


Have fun! Don't work too hard!


Hey!!!! Rattlesnake taste like ...chicken! Just thought you'd want to know! :P


Gator Country?



Jeff, I haven't written ONE WORD about that, i'm afraid of jinxing them!!!!

Seamus...I really DONT want to know! Had enough of the little buggers. Did you know there are pgymy rattlesnakes too? they are actually cute..from a distance.

Lass, thanks :)

Miss Cellania, we don't live there anymore. But it would come in handy to raise kids near a hunting range. that way, whenever they acted up, you could threaten to take them out in the forest and let them loose... ;)

Hoss, it's something we're thinking about seriously. We have to weigh the pros and cons of all the traffic and growth.

Poopie, definetly. $1K per snake. I figured there were thousands and thousands of 'em. ;)

Kenju... yeah.. you see the predictament I was in, LOL.

Crackers, G'ville is moving right up to your doorstep.. we could actually be neighbors in the future!

Doubleknot, hope you all had a real good time ;)

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