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April 21, 2006


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So, no need for Lacatutin ...


I don't even know what an edamame is - sounds interesting though and I am off to check out the site.


Soy beans - very familer with them - I will have to look for the new kind. I like the coated dry ones to munch on but the green ones sound like peanuts and better for you.


Never heard of those beans. Very funny...and informative post...I wonder if the South Beach Doctor includes that info in his book?

I knew you could take that old lady...


OK, I just learned a new word - edamame! Thanks for teaching me something today. Good luck with the South Beach diet!

Here via Michele's!


I heart edamame. Here via Michele today.
Oh, and South Beach? Works great until you stop doing it, then all the weight comes back with friends. So if you're planning on doing it for the rest of your life, good on ya!


I'd not heard of edamame beans either. I tend to buy beans raw and then soak them before preparing but I've not seen edamame in that section of the grocery store. I'll go look at the linked site to learn more.

Michele sent me your way, Laura.


Nils... the air will smell so good! In addition, everything will slide out easily ;)

Doubleknot.. hope you like them. Mine were on sale at Publix at the time. $2.35 for a package, cheaper than potato chips!

FC, She was a tough opponent.. obviously been stocking up on the steroids..

Karen, thanks!

Courtney, you're right.. it really does work while you're on it. I was on it about 3 years ago and it worked great. I use it from time to time to get a faster result, diet wise.

Daisy, I usually buy them raw as well. This was the first time i've tried them and enjoyed it. Found them a little filling also!


Geez ... just about anything works good until you stop doing it. Exercise, dieting, drinking ...

South Beach is all about eating properly. And yeah, when you stop eating properly, you just might notice you gain weight. Which, you know, is how it got there in the first place.

Eating properly for the rest of your life? Sure, why wouldn't you?

Old Horsetail Snake

Boy, a guy can learn a lot by reading. I doubt there's any edamame here. Scientists would say this is "too bad."

Sandy of AIP

You're like practice earth saving ways everyday...good for you and good luck with those
"eda may me" beans.
(I'm from Kentucky)


Hi Laura, Thanks for you kind words over at Loose Leaf yesterday.

I had edamame beans for the first time last fall while visiting friends in Colorado and liked them.

Have you ever checked out The Shwartzbein Principle? Most sensible book on diet and health that I've come across.


I always think soy -- ick -- I haven't liked most soy "products" but for some reason, I wanna go out and buy these beans :) Go figure


I think I'll pass :) I'll just buy bigger jeans!

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