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April 05, 2006


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That is sooo awesome, you have so much to be proud of. Congrats to them and to you for raising such a beautiful girl :)


Congratulations to the team, and to the equally hard-working parents :)

Old Horsetail Snake

FANTASTIC, Britt! Good show 'n' stuff.

Florida rules. Now let's get on to football, which everybody cares about. (Ho ho har de har har.)

Congrats, kiddo, all round.


Can tell you are proud of your girl.
Color guards are something today - sometimes they put the contest on TV and it amazing what the youngesters can do.

Florida Cracker

Right after I asked about color guards and rotc on one of your previous posts, our school started tryouts for Brit's style of color guard teams. That, coupled with this post has edumacated me.

Brit and her team should be really proud right now. What an accomplishment.

Mom and Dad are probably just a little proud too. She's a cutie.


How very cool - for her AND for you!

I've heard similar rumblings from other parents at other schools. Zooming and cropping can usually do the job - hard to do in a darkened interior where you can't use flash. But if you plan your pictures carefully, you can usually pull it off.

Congratulations on such a great achievement. Your pride is so obvious in how you write about her. It's wonderful to see.

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