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April 13, 2006


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Old Horsetail Snake

Just a damn minute! That ain't no pelican. That's a GBH, ain't it?


So gorgeous! Great photos, Laura.


yep Hoss.... and thank's for spotting that major error! Had to go back in and edit, edit, edit. Sorry!


What's that around his ankle? Is he under House Arrest or something?

If so, he's an Errin' Heron.


...of course the real lines that should be used:
"Enjoys short walks to the liquor store."
"Enjoys meandering walks thru peeps show booths."
"Enjoys pacing cell."
"Enjoys long stays on couch while someone else walk to liquor store."
"Enjoys looooooooonggg walks thru malls."

Beautiful pics - what equipment do you use?


Beautiful photos! That blue sky and bird's head...zowie!

The little girl seems to know her stuff. Maybe she's one who walks the beach often.

I'd say the band around the ankle is a tag for an endangered species and migration patterns. Not necessarily an errin' heron, but going on the usual routine.


Thanks Kenju :))

Barry, house arrest would be pretty cool. He eats the fish in my pond quite often, and I'm sure he's been arrested before for similar misdemeanors elsewhere.

Actually, i'm not sure which agency is tagging the birds. Could be the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary... I'll have to check into it and find out.

Seamus, you're killing me.. LOL Or long walks to Joe's bar...
I have a Canon Rebel Xt. was using 70 - 300mm lens that day. I'm still learning how to manage both the camera and the lens. My God, I almost miss the old point and click cameras!

Mrs. DOF, I think she was a tourist, but I hope she got a good shot. She wasn't much taller than than the bird itself!


He looks nice and plump ... probably all full of goldfish, and ready for the long migration home ...


Very interesting tale and very nice pictures. Oh well maybe the bird wasn't afraid of the girl because she was smaller then him.


Heron vanity?



Holy Lord woman, what a shot! That is A M A Z I N G. But you knew that, and he knew that, and there it is.

May I paint from your photograph? If that's okay with you, could you drop me a larger size via e-mail? I would LOVE to paint him. Wow. Wow, and wow again!


He's magnificent! I'd love to be able to drive to the ocean to de-stress but it's just too dang far. Hope you have a nice weekend!


Wow, you got so close...I can smell the expensive goldfish on his breath.

Yes, teen girls love the fruitpunch scented sprays. In my class, I often get the urge for a pack of good ol'fashioned original flavor lifesavers as they file in. What's worse are the boys who believe that drenching yourself in AXE will get you the girl of your dreams. They will actually walk up to class aerosoling themselves with the stuff. Gasp!!

Note to Rich...quick, take Laura out to a nice dinner, she's reading singles ads :)


Wow Laura! You done good, girlfriend. You're so right about the personals. I've never met a man yet who likes long walks on the beach. Most of 'em want to sit in the chair by the cooler with the beer ;)

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