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April 28, 2006


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You have a lovely weekend, too.


I despise the lamisil trolls too, but I like your blog! I'll be back to read more!

Michele sent me here....


Those are pretty disgusting little creatures, huh? Color alone is enough to make you urp!
Looks like a wonderful day there!
Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have dogs - period!

YAY! Friday!


Hi, Michele sent me....

I think I may be back, I like your take on life.

I agree about those poor dogs. And I love the 'little people' living in the trees.



poor little dogs :( That is awful that someone would pick their dog up that way. They should either right tickets for that and fine em big time or take the dog from the owner. That is just cruel.

P.S. Those trees are very cool

here via Michele


I'd need a wagon to carry either one of my dogs around ;) I like that dude's sidewalk chalk art!

Sandy of AIP

I just can't believe that someone who supposedly loves their dog would yank on a leash and just swing the little dog up...that is sooo cruel. They don't deserve to have a dog.

And I liked your idea on identity theft...I have an old shredder too and that's a great idea to put cat poo or food leftovers in the trash bag with the shredded documents.


Those little things are dogs??

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Fabulous

I have a foolproof way to avoid identity theft. I always operate on a stolen identity myself. So if someone steals it, they are in reality stealing someone's else's. not mine.

Then I'll just steal another one.

I may be a genius. We're waiting for the test results.

Have a great weekend!


I tell those fools what they are doing to their pets. they don't like it but I don't care. maybe they learn and listen. Write a letter to the editor about it.
For shredded papers, I use them as mulch. spread it around the yard, breaks down pretty easily. I cover it with leaves if it shows where I don't want it to show. I also use them on the bottom of a flower pot to help fill it. Especially the big ones.
Another TV ad that is offensive is the two men standing at a urinal discusses their stuff. This is supposed to sell me on the idea of buying the Direct TV? And the ad with the father trying to get his kids out of the car and they refuse because they want to watch the TV while playing cards. Why the heck doesn't he yank them out? Who is in control?
Nice pictures.


I've never seen the commercial, and nothing you said about it makes me want to either.

Oh, the poor little dogs!
One of my big horrors is watching grown-ups, usually men, grab little babies (who can barely pull upright) by the upper arms and lift them up.
In fact, at one festival, I told one man that the child's arms were not skillet handles--there are muscles and nerves and joints with loose ligaments in there--and he could do permanent injury.
He told me to mind my own business.
When I said that I had earned a decent grade in human anatomy class and that children are the reason for my job, he curled his lip and walked away.
We can't save everyone, sad to say.


I ALWAYS mute the trolls and look away from the set (or change the channel). Besides, you can cure fungus with Vick's salve and it is a lot cheaper)!

Love the sidewalk lessons.


How wicked am I for admitting I don't like smaller dogs generally? I call them "yippie dogs" because of the way their bark shrills to a YIP YIP YIP. My golden retrievers seem to feel the same way because judging from their reaction when yippie dogs prance past our home, my dogs want to use them as chew toys.


I didn't try to leave a URL because last time it kept telling me I had it wrong - someday I will figure it out.
Those little pocket dogs are cute but so delicate. I can't imagine someone yanking them up by their leash - animal cruelty.
Love the picture of the 'little people' you caught.
Those commercials gross me out also and I check my toe nails every time it comes on. Another one that is gross is the mucus one - and I have to take that medicine so I invision these creepy things trying to move into my lungs and sinuses.
Any one who tried to steal our idenities would be in for a surprise - they wounldn't get very much. I like your idea of the messy left overs and the cat poo.
Glad your enjoyed your day dispite the doggies.

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