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April 18, 2006


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Your photos are really something beautiful to see!!!


Stunning photos.
I bow to you.


Great capture of that bee in flight!


Amazing photography ... what a talent you have ...

Florida Cracker

Super photos, really magnificent.

Old Horsetail Snake

Nice work, Laura. Serendipity.


Beautiful work -- may I ask what camera you use? I am in the market and am doing research :)


And can I just say that I love the pics of Buddy -- everytime I see him, I get tears --every pose is like looking at my baby Montana :) -- it is a good kind of sad -- I think I just may be ready to get another baby


Pure Florida sent me and your bumblebee shots are great, just as he said they were.


He did? I'll have to go right over there and see what he said. And, Welcome Sandy. :)

I emailed Sue information about the camera, but for the record, but I use a Canon Rebel XT. I'm still learning about the settings, and it's been an interesting experience, to say the least.

Thank you all for the compliments! I've had a lot of fun taking these shots. It's exhilarating when there is one that comes out of the bunch that makes you say... YES! This IS the shot! I took 134 pictures that day, only a handfull were good ones.
Glad you enjoyed them!


Learning your camera well!!! Loved the tour thru the gardens! :)


The bee is fantastic. Great pictures.
Thanks for sharing your walk.


Truly amazing photos.


Thursday HI! :)


Very nice! What kind of flower is that? I love gardens. Sadly, my yard looks half-baked.


Dammit Intersetllar, you're not supposed to ask me what type of flower it is! It's a large purple flower called Tall Purpleismus. Grows amongst the wildflowers.

I think i'd better go back and find out. lol.

Hiya William.. thanks!

Seamus.. I'm learning alright.. one click at a time.

Doubleknot, glad you liked it. :)

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