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April 09, 2006


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That's all I can say about these photos. Absolutely stunning.

Thank you for the virtual vacation, from rainy CA.

Michele sent me.


So calm and peaceful at sunset.
Just what I needed, and at just the right minute.
~~love and Huggs, Diane


Wow. That last picture ... sooooo beautiful. I hope you don't mind that I set it as my desktop background.


Wow! I JUST wrote a post about how much I missed the ocean and Michele sends me to you!
Thank you.


Just visited Cyndy and said how I love the ocean, too!

I collected shells as a kid and I still have the collection boxed in my basement. I must have hundreds of varieties I collected on my travels, and at my mom's house in St Croix. And yes, I've even paid money for shells that I couldn't get otherwise.

Here via Michele


Now that is what I would do - go buy the shells with the info about them - I am sure they had to find more information on the shells. The Gulf really isn't good for shells at least I haven't found it so.

Beautiful pictures of the end of your day.


Catheroo, we could use the rain down here, send it!!

MrsDOF, Haven't seen you in awhile. Hope everything has been ok with you and your crew. :)

Nils, anytime, anytime... (g)

Cyndi, I'll have to take more picts then.(g)

Margalit, St.Croix? man, she's lucky.

Doubleknot, you're right about that. The Gulf tends to be fickle about giving up shells. THere are a few islands near us that have hundreds of them, but rarely do we find good ones on the beach during normal walks.


Purchased shells may be from all over the world...not local. If they were supposed to be Florida "found" shells, the teach might catch that.

Anyway, it sounds like a fun assignment. Nice beach great when school gets you to the beach.


Love the photos!

Lazy Daisy

Thanks for your visit via Michele. Love the pictures of the beach. I live in the mountains so it's always a nice change. Hope you are having a great week.


Not having much in the way of seashells here in the Midwest, my kids did this same kind of project with leaves and rocks. The leaves they managed to find on their own, but the rocks all came from the hobby shop, already mounted and identified.


Beach pictures are much more lovely for Comments than the dreaded kitchen remodeling. It just ain't gonna happen in our house unless we agree about the contractor to hire.
Rest assured, I do stop by at least twice a week and catch up ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills

Wonderful Wonderful photographs! They set such an amazing mood...Thank You for this.


Um, I'll be there shortly. I need a relaxing day in the sand.


Just gorgeous beach photos! I can't believe I live in Florida and don't spend more time at the beach!

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