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April 07, 2006


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It's Flonase and Tylenol here. Hope it will be better soon!


Glad your sinus problem is getting better. We use Sudefed - the blue non drying one.
Had a mocking bird attack me once everytime I went outside seems her baby was on the ground and she was protecting it.


Aaahh Allergy think it would be tacky to walk around with one of those hospital masks on all day? Yeah I guess so.

Florida Cracker

My Katie suffers from the allergy and the after effects of the sinus medicine. She does the same log sleep.

Sorry the state bird has it in for you. Doesn't she know you are a Florida fan?

Sparkling Diamond

My sympathies go to you. I woke with one of *those* headaches today and did the dead log sleep myself! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
Here from Michele's!

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