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April 08, 2006


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Wow you really are moving right along. Love the story of the stove. I had a similar one with my ex years ago - he had to cut a wire and I said, did you make sure the electric was off? Of course it was didn't he turn that breaker off weeks ago - since then the box had been worked on and guess what they turned all the breakers back on so when my ex cut the wire there was an explosion - I guess it is a good thing he had the cutters that had the protective covering on them - gee I could have been a window instead of having to get divorced.
I know all about the dry wall boggers - until his accident last December that is what my room mate did - and hopes to do again- is drywall. Sometimes he would come home looking all white from the sanding he had been doing.


But ... but ... it's all the way out to the circuit box, and all the way back to do the job, and then the clocks all have to be reset and the VCR goes to flashing twelve o'clock and it takes so long to find exactly which breaker to throw because nobody porpoerly identifies the damn things, so just this one time I'll see if I can get away with ZZZZAP OWWW DAMMIT OK, OK,OK, I'll go turn off the damn power.

Yeah, sounded familiar. But I do love the part where he DOES turn it off and says he doesn't. I do believe I'll use that one, when things get a bit too quiet.


You make me laugh ;~)
I have a stove story, too, but it's not nearly as entertaining as yours. Suffice it to say it ended with a big gap between cabinets and metal and I'm still fuming over it lol


I chuckled all the way through this post. Good luck gettin' it all done. Mine has been sitting too, so now I suppose I have to get going again...


What a lot of work you have taken on, but looks like things are finally coming together - looking good! You know every time we finish one of the live-in-the-construction zone projects we SWEAR that we'll never do THAT again! HA! Famous last words. It's the curse of folks handy with tools and short memories!


Seamus, it's a curse, that's for sure. Sometimes I'd rather just hire someone!

Crackers, my advice~~ wait till summer when it's too hot to do anything outdoors. Then hit the home projects that have to be done inside!

Deb.. LOL, I'll bet you are.

Doubleknot, man... I hope we don't have any explosions in this kitchen, other than the verbal ones we've almost had a few times.


My ex used to do the same thing and then start swearing when he realized he forgot about the power.....DOHHHH

Old Horsetail Snake

Gee, Laura, you are SO pretty with your mask and boogers.


awww Hoss, Thanks...(sneeeze).

TSB... it'a guy thing. got to be.


Laura -

This was the first time in a LONG time that I have been by the weblog - got here from Floridacracker's place...

I know I got in some trouble back in the day for saying that some of the Southern Blogs in the webring sucked, but Vitaminsea was never one of them.

That's a whole lotsa wit to pack into one weblog page, and I still have your archives to go through!

So thanks for a really fun read, and good luck with your further home projects!


thingfish23 (now an avid fan, since the "ass" picture/caption)


Thingfish, every once in a while, a comment comes along that just makes my day, week or month...and yours just made my year. Thank you!!!

daughter in law

this is our house on any given sunday. All that's missing is the following conversation:

a muffled voice from the basement "is it off"






it's offffffffff. it's was off, now it's back on.

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