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April 20, 2006


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My God ... on first glance, that cat is actually shooting you the ... umm ... bird. I love it.


Oh, damn. I'm an idiot. Nevermind.


LOL.. and how do you know he isnt? and you're not an idiot.. ;p!
looks likes Rico too, doesn't he?


What a coincidence... I made mention of upchucked cat hairballs in my blog today too!


That's what threw me - I just assumed he was Rico Suavay ...


There is not a sound in the world that will get you out of bed faster than a cat hacking a hairball too close to your personal space. I thank God that Nimmy hasn't had that problem as of late.


Try having a 20 year old cat (who looks like yours btw) who is losing her hearing and mind -- we get the 11:00 pm, 1:00 am and 3:00 callouts because she is either lonely or lost -- it is worse than a cat in heat....but we love her anyway :)


I know you are not that mean. Is that your cat giving you the paw? Michele sent me.

Canadian Mark

Ah, how familiar I am with the pre-dawn snatz-hacking sessions. I've found that putting a little vaseline (like a half-teaspoon) on my cat's front paw every few days helped immensly. The cat licks it off smooths the passage of things, in a more natural direction.

Thanks for stopping by earlier, and for the great comments. I suppose I'm here from Michele's in a round-about way too. What a gal, eh?


Sarcasmom, no, it's not my cat. I have one that looks just like it, however. ;)

Sue, we're going through the same thing. Between the dog's diabetic problems and 3 of our cats, we have to get up several times a night. It's starting to affect my sanity!

Addison, it makes you sit upright in bed in a NY second, no matter what time it is! yech.


Mark, i've never tried the vaseline method. If it silences that awful gagging sound, it's a bonus!
Your site is outstanding, i'm still cruising around the archives and photo links.


Cute cat you have there.

Here via Michele. Happy weekend!


I'm seconding the vaseline thing. They actually make a hairball paste that you put on cats' paws, but the vaseline works just as well and I didn't have a lot of hairball cleaning (back when i had cats!)

A little dab'll do ya!


At 4 am I had the exact same thought about putting my animals to sleep. 2 cats and the dog. Not for hairballs but just for waking me up.


Hairballs and Bufflebunnies - that's our house! At least ours are kind enough to hurl the balls in the kitchen or bath on the hard floors! Bufflebunnies multiply get the picture! :)


Let me know how the mass euthanasia goes. I might do the same :) This morning I woke up with two dogs and three cats in the bed with me. Thankfully, no hairballs.

Florida Cracker

Ahh cats, such wonderful creatures.

Old Horsetail Snake

Hah! And one for the horse you rode in on.


Someone came up with the perfect picture for most cats - I know mine would be giving us the finger for a lot of things - usually not getting exactly his way.
Mine leaves his hairballs on the porch for me to clean up. I may try the vasoline though I give hairball treats, hair ball stuff that comes in a tube, a bit of cooled off grease from drained hamburger - any kind of grease from chicken, etc but he still has a problem with hair balls - he is always grooming hisself - compulsion maybe?

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